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Accurate Geofluid Properties as key to Geothermal Process Optimisation


GEOPRO KPI specification

As part of task 1.2, this delievarble will report on the KPIs benchmarked for success criterion for enthalpy calculation, scale reduction, bubble formation and supercritical “vectors to ore” performance.

1D transient FAS with exiting thermodynamic models

As part od task 2.2, the deliverable will report on the simulations of representative test cases for typical wellbore as well as topside pipes carried out for the three different sites in GEOPRO (Hengill/IDDP2&3, Insheim, Kilzidare). In addition to flow parameters such as flow rates, pressure profile, temperature profile, volume and mass fractions, the base line simulations will also include simulations of scaling- , corrosion-, and erosion rates based on the currently implemented models

Data quality and precision specification

As part of task 1.4, the deliverable will report on confidence in existing data and suggest appropriate ways of factoring in uncertainty in the approaches and tools defined in the project. Identification and dealing with censored data, particularly those related to reliability and maintenance will be investigated.

Detailed Case study scenario specification

As part of task 1.3, the deliverable will report on the case studies that will be carried out to demonstrate the GEOPRO outputs. The case study targets will be written up as living documents, agreed by the users and signed on to by the development teams.

Gap and priority analysis for geochemical datasets and EoS

As part of task 3.1, the deliverable will report on data analysis achieved as a result of workshops, data comparison with the plant requirements including formulation of desired EoS structures, to provide frameworks for the data that are compatible with the users’ operating practices.

Gap and Priority analyses

As part of task 4.1, the deliverable reports on the investigative study to ensure that the experimental and modeling work meets the information standards required by operators of geothermal facilities.

A project website

As part of task 7.4, this deliverable announces the launch of the project website.

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