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Magnetic cross-modal brain activity scanner MAX-BAS

Project description

Improved brain imaging via innovative cross-modal scanning technology

The EU-funded MAX-BAS project aims to commercialise the first cross-modal magnetoencephalography/magnetic resonance (MEG/MR) scanner. The superconductor-based detector system is used for both MEG and MR to achieve imaging of brain activity overlayed with anatomical brain images. The project's partners have already developed a research prototype and demonstrated the commercial potential on human subjects. The current project will assess the device's accuracy and work on further standardising and automating the scanning procedures. In addition to the synergy with MEG, the implementation of ultra-low-field MRI will offer unique advantages, including improved contrast for tumour detection and an extremely safe scanning process.


This Innovation Launchpad proposal aims at commercializing the first cross-modal MEG-MRI scanner. Our superconductor-based detector system is used for both magnetoencephalography (MEG) and magnetic resonance (MR) to achieve imaging (I) of brain activity overlayed accurately with anatomical brain images. In the FET Open project BREAKBEN, we are finalizing our research prototype and demonstrating the commercial potential with patients and healthy subjects. The next step is to aim for the markets, which requires careful assessment of the accuracy of the device and measures to further standardize and automate the MRI procedures.

This will also lead to the first commercial implementation of ultra-low-field MRI, measured in microtesla-range magnetic fields. In addition to the synergy with MEG, this type of MRI enables unique advantages compared to conventional MRI, including improved contrast for tumors, and an extremely safe and open scanner that is potentially completely silent. Cross-modal MEG-MRI provides useful information for both research and for clinical use.

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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