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Artificial Intelligence Legal Analytic Solution

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - AILAS (Artificial Intelligence Legal Analytic Solution)

Reporting period: 2019-02-01 to 2019-07-31

Predictice is a SaaS platform that delivers real time analytics to law professionals helping them save time in their legal research. Since its creation on 2016, Predictice provides full access to court decisions, legal and regulatory official sources and news written by recognised authors. Thanks to a strong technological advance, it operates an efficient and scalable business model. Today the demand for automation in legal analytics for decision-making is growing. In this context the project is to begin the implementation of the Predictice solution across Europe based on a feasibility study in Italy. Indeed Predictice appears to be in favourable circumstances to take advantage of its strategic position as one of the first new actors on the legal market to emerge on the international stage and prove its capacity to adapt to the world.
Predictice aims at provide its services in Italy, thereby we carried out a study of the legal and judicial system, a market study of the legal information digital solutions, a comparative table of the existing legaltech solutions present in Italy, and lastly prepared the deployment plan. The main objectives of the work performed was to evaluate the economic issues regarding the demand and the offer on the Italian legal market, to identify the differences and similarities between the French and the Italian legal systems, to find out about the case law data access in Italy and finally to search influencing partnerships that Predictice could conclude.
The main results achieved through our extensive study confirmed the interest of an implementation of the Predictice solution in Italy, in view of the similarities of its legal system with France, the large demand, the little potential competition in the sector, the available amount of data of local court decisions, the co-innovation partnerships that we could conclude, etc. The action could have an impact on the company as well as the Italian market. Indeed it represents a differentiation strategy for Predictice which aims at become the analytics reference for legal professionals in Europe. Regarding the current lack of awareness about legal analytics among litigators in Italy, Predictice could have a major role in the democratization of the legaltechs and the opening of case law data.