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Real Time Soccer Analysis System

Project description

Real-time Soccer analysis system

Professional athletes are resorting to the use of new technologies to boost performance levels. Accurate assessments of the details of football games, for example, can alter training and game platforms. XSOCCER integrates sensors, using a unique and patented system that allows for ball detection and corresponding physical and tactical response. The innovation was designed by AXIAMO,a Swiss-based company four years ago in pursuit of researching, developing and producing innovative electronic and software sports technologies and open-air activities. AXIAMO has been focusing on Europe's top 400 football clubs but remains open to any potential user.


AXIAMO is a Swiss company founded in 2015 and is fully dedicated to the research, development, production and commercialization of innovative electronic and software technologies for the practise of sports and open-air activities. Today, professionals of the king sport have a great margin to improve their performance with the implementation of new technologies that allow them to have an accurate objective knowledge of the details of the game and training and a decision-support platform to improve them accordingly. Improvement of performance indicators by a factor of 3 is achievable, as well the reduction of injuries which are estimated to cost to the football clubs up to 30% of player payrolls annually.
Our innovation integrates sensors, a specially tagged ball, beacons around the playing field and a powerful software platform implementing high level algorithms for location determination and machine learning techniques. XSOCCER uses a unique and patented system for ball detection (allowing determining its position and who possesses it), is based on UWB communications (providing better special resolution by one order of magnitude and permits indoor and outdoor game) and is the only system able to determine a wide range of physical, technical and tactical Key Soccer Indicators that we have assessed, defined and standardized supported by the Swiss Football Association. It is comprised in a booming market that grows at a CAGR of 23% and will reach $12.11bn by 2020.Our target users are worldwide and we have the means to reach them. Primarily, we will focus on top European football clubs (more than 440), but any football club is a potential user of XSOCCER (more than 150,000 football clubs in our target countries). Our proven business model will rely on the production, commercialization and service delivery of XSOCCER. Besides, we aim to determine in this Phase 1 the details of our secondary business model based on licensing our technology to third parties.

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