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Synx BIOS: The revolutionary web-BIOS that fully enables the Internet of Things (IoT) through the Real Time Web


The World Wide Web and associated technologies (e.g. cloud computing and blockchain) are the current standard for information sharing or financial transactions. However, they entail limitations that need addressing. These technologies are based on hyperlinks, communicating only in one direction, requiring complex middleware processes to keep connections alive. This technology is unfit for the ongoing Internet of Things revolution, which requires bidirectional data sharing and scalability, as it relies upon an enormous number of sensors generating gigantic volumes of data. They also require an operating system that needs to be installed at each end-point, so data needs to be copied (to not being lost), losing its uniqueness. Finally, the need to store data in databases that can be accessed by anyone with basic informatics knowledge compromises individuals privacy.
Nornir is a Norwegian start-up created with the mission to overcome such limitations, thanks to the Real Time Web (RTW), a new decentralized network that allows bi-directional hyperlinks, is backward compatible with the web infrastructure and protects data across networks and domains. This is possible thank to Synx BIOS; a revolutionary distributed kernel enabling event-driven network and peer to peer communication without the need of middleware, while allowing scalability. As Synx BIOS does not store data, it remains unique and controlled by the user, allowing to trade data (through the Synx BIOS´ micropayment tool) generated from IoT systems, opening-up an entirely new way to generate revenue.
With Synx BIOS we get access to a trillion blue ocean market, having already corporate early-adopters from diverse verticals (e.g. transportation, healthcare or vending machines), who can save €510,000 in development and maintenance costs during the first year. By end of 2023, we expect to have a cumulative revenues of €72M (ROI of 10.93) and increase 10 times our current employee count (currently at 12).

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