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Doraya is an innovative catheter device for treating patients resistant to diuretics with Acute Heart Failure (AHF) condition.

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Doraya (Doraya is an innovative catheter device for treating patients resistant to diuretics with Acute Heart Failure (AHF) condition.)

Reporting period: 2019-01-01 to 2019-04-30

Acute Heart Failure (AHF) is a sudden worsening of the signs and symptoms of chronic heart failure (HF), which typically includes difficulty in breathing, leg or feet swelling, and fatigue. HF is a growing global problem, affecting millions of people around the world, and more than 6M people in Europe. AHF is normally associated with severe congestion of multiple organs by fluid that is inadequately circulated by the failing heart.
Fluid decongestion is the key treatment of AHF, and AHF patients are treated with diuretics. Diuretics are a family of drugs designed to increase urine output, thus removing excess fluids and attempting to dry the patient. However, 20-30% of AHF admitted patients suffer from poor response to diuretics, preventing their proper and rapid fluid removal. Because currently there are no viable therapies for these patients, they have increased mortality, longer and costly hospital stays, and higher re-admission rates.
To solve these problems, Revamp Medical has developed Doraya™, an innovative catheter-based device designed for AHF patients who suffer from poor response to diuretics. Doraya™ helps to relieve fluid congestion by improving diuretic efficiency. This temporary catheter will expedite treatment by offering cardiologists a completely new approach to manage their admitted patients.
During Phase 1, Revamp produced a work plan, detailing the main technical steps to make Doraya™ ready for market. Also during the Feasibility Study, the business viability has been evaluated by means of a detailed market analysis (size, barriers, customer segments, and competitors) and preparing a commercialisation strategy and a detailed financial analysis to understand the expected financial performance. The results achieved during the project, confirming Doraya™'s expected performance by all stakeholders, will be communicated through a series of channels (online, events such as conferences, and publications).
Revamp Medical, founded in 2016, is an Israeli-based medical device start-up company in the cardiovascular field. Revamp's goal is to resolve one of the most urgent unmet needs in AHF patients. Revamp is set to deliver an easily adoptable solution using a patented temporary catheter, the Doraya™. Doraya™ will provide quick treatment for AHF patients who do not respond to diuretics, reducing hospitalization duration and readmission (which will reduce costs by a 50%), and reducing mortality rates. The SME Instrument project fits into Revamp's overall plan to reach the market by contributing the financial resources needed to plan a fast sound wider deployment of Doraya™ and its market uptake.
Benefits of using Doraya™ to treat AHF patients resistant to diuretics.