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Accessible, Reliable and Simple Screening of stress- and memory-related diseases

Project description

Digital cognitive tests - saving time and improving quality

Depression, dementia and burnout are just a few of the diseases impacting cognition and, consequently, wellbeing and quality of life. Neurocognitive tests are an important means for understanding patient needs and personalising effective treatment. However, manual tests are costly, time-consuming and human resource-dependent. The EU-funded ARSS project developed a self-administered, digital testing tool allowing evidence-based neurocognitive tests to be taken on a tablet at the patient’s healthcare centre. Through this digital solution, ARSS facilitated early detection, more precise assessment and better treatment of neurocognitive disease. In 2021, the tool can be found at 35 clinics, 10 research sites and five hospitals. Mindmore AB, the company behind ARSS, is continuing on its journey to democratise cognitive testing and improve quality of cognitive care.


Mindmore’s digital neurocognitive screening tool Minnemera® allows patients to do evidence-based neurocognitive tests on a tablet at their local primary healthcare center. Minnemera aims at replacing the manual tests used today. They are expensive and time-consuming since and require a test-administrator and manual analysis. By making these test digitally available and self-administered, cognitive screening becMindmore’s digital neurocognitive screening tool Minnemera® lets patients do evidence-based neurocognitive tests on a tablet at their local primary healthcare centre, instead of at a specialist. With our tool, test administrators and manual analysis are not needed and clinicians can detect neurocognitive diseases earlier. The reason why Mindmore can succeed with the business innovation project is its all-female team with competences including deep Neuroscientific knowledge, excellence in Software Development with strong entrepreneurial drive and international communication abilities. The company which was founded in 2017 has attracted several grants from various funding bodies as there is a great interest in the innovation. Mindmore has established relations and cooperation within the two main market segments, health care centers and sports clubs and high schools. The goal of the project (phase 1 and 2) is to bring the Minnemera concept to international market launch and move the TRL level from 6 to 9. The goal of phase 1 is to investigate the technical, economic and financial feasibility of the innovation and get commitment from test partners for phase 2. The ARSS project will have a substantial impact in Mindmore AB’s performance. By 2023, we expect to increase our customer portfolio to around 234 clients across the EU, €3,7 M in turnover and 28 new jobs have been created. Considering the initial investment budgeted for the Phase 1 and 2, the payback time will arrive by the 4th year of commercialisation and, by 2023, our accumulated profit will be €3.83 M.

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