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High quality real time broadcasting technology that provides reliable and resilient signal.

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Os-X (High quality real time broadcasting technology that provides reliable and resilient signal.)

Reporting period: 2019-01-01 to 2019-04-30

Bandwidth is the ‘size of the pipe’ in which internet data can travel. A low bandwidth means a slow network performance. In many situations, transmission of data via standard mobile transmission methods is not effective. For instance, uploading large files is not viable in locations without WIFI coverage or due to insufficient upload bandwidth supplied by existing cellular networks. Similarly, real- time streaming and broadcasting of information via a cellular network is not effective. This is mainly due to the fact that such cellular networks rarely provide sufficient bandwidth for streaming live real-time broadcasts. Video calls made without the necessary bandwidth result in bad sound and video quality. Therefore, a certain bandwidth is needed to support the requirements to transmit in a resilient and quality manner.
First responders such as members of security & law enforcement organizations (LEOs), fire brigades and emergency medical services often need to transmit continuous live data from the field (e.g. mass gathering or natural disasters), but the networks' resources aren't always available. Therefore users cannot rely on them for critical scenarios and deploy instead expensive and designated infrastructure. Thus, wireless networks have to be upgraded to function better during crowded events or disasters when authorities most need to use them. There is a longstanding need of a broadband network in which law enforcement users will be able to seamlessly and securely communicate over whatever local point of access is the best fit at any specific location, time ad situation.
Omnistream is developing Os-X, an innovative software & hardware-based communication platform that uses a plurality of cellular modems, creating a bigger resilient and secure uplink bandwidth which will ensure transmission of high-quality, live video, audio and data in real-time, from anywhere with cellular coverage
During the Phase 1 project Omnistream reviewed the current stage of development of their Os X, identified the user requirements and the Minimum Viable Product to be delivered, including product specifications. A product development plan has been drafted and the related risks have been assessed.
The compnay has also assessed the business feasibilit of the Os-X project by conducting market searches and reviewing the financial forecast for the Os-X.
When compared to traditional live video publishing solutions, Os-X offers way more portability because it is lightweight, portable and mobile, making it easier to deploy in the field professionals compared with traditional satellite links, which take several hours to set up. The users (e.g. broadcasters) simply need to connect a modem (micro PC). They then have the power to manage live video transmissions from virtually anywhere in the world where is internet connection. This is especially important in the situations where it’s not easy to deploy a car or truck.