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Pictogram: a Digital Environment for Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment & Management

Project description

A playful solution for children with cognitive difficulties

According to the World Health Organisation, about 0.6 % of children suffer from autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Therapeutic software has emerged as a valuable tool for the support of patients with ASD and more cognitive-communication disorders, especially for the support of young children. Social skills training, educational activities, multisensory stimulation can become an engaging and entertaining game on screen. The EU-funded Pictogram project will introduce an innovative software for early-age ASD children. The developed system will include a secure communication platform with real-time data and allow the transition from a piece of paper to an electronic device, giving children a chance to learn new skills and be independent.


Yottacode® is a spin-off originated at the University of Jae?n, Spain, after participating in a FP7 project. We have been selected from the European projects “Startup Scaleup” and “Startup Europe”. We are specialized on developing therapeutic software for cognitive-communication disorders.
An important percentage of the world population suffers some sort of cognitive mis-function related to the use of language, such as people suffering from Autism (ASD). The World Health Organization estimated that worldwide 0.6% children have ASD. In Europe, it is estimated to be affecting 0.62–0.70% of the population, while prevalence appears to be increasing. A recent study estimated to €226 billion the total annual cost of Autism in the EU.
There is an increasing need for innovative solutions to deliver inexpensive mental healthcare to the population. We will design an innovative software (Pictogram) for early-age ASD children, allowing the transition from a piece of paper to an electronic device, giving children a chance to learn new skills and be independent. The software will integrate a secure communication platform with real-time data, enabling customization and access to feedback on performance, implementing new professional therapies and technological improvements.
After our initial studies, we developed a prototype that has been theoretically and scientifically validated. From the feasibility study we would like to obtain crucial information for the finalization of Pictogram's Commercial Product. We will pursue the last steps of development to get it working in different compatible devices, integrating it into a BIG DATA & Machine Learning platform, adapting it to other cognitive-communication disorders, and finally conducting the appropriate clinical trials.
After 5 years from market launch, Pictogram will be installed in ~203K devices (~4.5% of the world market). The associated social impact of the project is estimated by a Social Return on Investment of 2.7.

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