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Safe, fast-charging long-life Sodium-ion batteries for vehicles and power storage

Project description

Sodium ion batteries – a greener alternative

France-based start-up company TIAMAT is developing sodium-ion batteries that counter most of the limitations of the lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries that dominate the market today. Sodium has a better performance in terms of life expectancy, and charge and discharge rates. It is less expensive and easily available compared to lithium, is less environmentally damaging than heavy metals, and is not a fire hazard risk. The company targets use of its sodium-ion battery technology in electric bikes or buses, autonomous forklift trucks, industrial robots, and in storage systems of intermittent renewable energy.


Existing battery technologies face a number of serious issues that decades of research have not resolved – charging speed, lifespan, safety, supply chain pressures and environmental impact.
Tiamat has developed a fast-charging, powerful, long-life sodium-ion (Na-ion) battery that is price-competitive with its lithium and lead acid equivalents.
Its batteries can transform the fast-charging market, replacing outdated technology in electric bikes, scooters, forklift trucks, industrial robots, power tools and buses as well as power storage and supply for home and grid.
Tiamat’s initial target market – which does not include mobile phones, laptops and tablets – was some 7 billion euros as of 2017 and is forecast to grow to at least 20 billion euros by 2025.
The company is the only start-up looking to commercialise a full Na-ion based product that can compete with Lithium-ion batteries in the same energy density category.
Its batteries directly challenge the decades-old, and arguably archaic lead-acid battery technology that is the automotive standard.
Tiamat’s technology can be stored at zero Volts, making its products safe and easy to store, handle and transport. No copper, nickel or cobalt are used in the batteries – avoiding humanitarian and environmental issues associated with mining those elements.
We are partnering with cell integrators, major battery manufacturers and automotive companies to validate and test our batteries in a wide range of applications.
Tiamat has access to one of the most advanced battery research facilities in Europe and some of the world’s most accomplished energy storage scientists.

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