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Fulfilling the 5G Promise


European 5G Annual Journal 2020

This deliverable presents the achievements of the 5G PPP and related projects for year 5 of the 5G PPP

Year 1 Impact analysis report

This deliverable will assemble and synopise the results of the impact analysis work across the topics of WP1 in Year 1 and add a Quantitative & Qualitative analysis on these 5G PPP impacts.

Year 1 Report on Programme Governance and operation

This deliverable will include the reports of the Steering Board, Technology Board and the Collaboration Agreement status in Year 1.

5G Global Stakeholder Engagement Strateg

This deliverable will describe the initial 5G stakeholder engagement strategy and the planned activities, with a more detailed focus on Year 1 of the project. It encompasses the activities to be performed in Tasks 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4, i.e. the stakeholder engagement strategy including for verticals and SMEs, and the international activities.

5G PPP Dissemination and Communication Strategy and Plan

This deliverable will describe the 5G PPP dissemination and communication strategy and planned activities, gathering input from all Tasks as relevant.

Intermediary Report on Global Stakeholder Engagement

This deliverable presents the activities performed during Year 1 of the project as well as the main achievements in comparison with the initial plan designed in D3.1. It also updates the strategy and plan for Year 2 of the project

Year 1 Report on Infrastructure provision and usage

This deliverable will report on the physical infrastructure provided for the 5G PPP and the usage of the facilities in terms of volume and traffic.

Verticals cartography

This deliverable, first of two iterations, will showcase the advances across 5G capabilities, vertical clusters, breadth of penetration and geographical coverage by evolving and updating the Cartography (online tool and analyses). It will report on content and success stories, promotion and impact creation, looking at how European businesses can benefit from the new 5G applications.

Year 1 report on Working Groups Achievements

This deliverable will report on the activities on the individual WGs and the support provided by Full5G

5G PPP Dissemination and Communication Report

This deliverable will report on the work done in year 1, including any update on the strategy. This should reflect the emerging opportunities and changing conditions that apply, according to the 5G PPP priorities and needs of a growing and on-the-move community.

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