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Photoreal REaltime Sentient ENTity


Real-time Agent Creation Demonstration

Real-time Agent Creation Demonstration (DEM, PU, M12) virtual agent shaded and ray-traced in real time.

Interim Visual Facial Animation Demonstration

Interim Visual Facial Animation Demonstration (DEM, PU, M15) Demonstration of facial animation of the character rig driven by offline performance data and an initial version of the facial animation engine.

Interim Body Animation Visual Synthesis Demonstration

Interim Body Animation Visual Synthesis Demonstration (DEM, PU, M18) Demonstration of prototype software component to animate and puppeteer an agent; interim demonstration will be based on same data used for training as well as data outside of training envelop to validate the model and the boundaries.

Project Website

Project Website (DEC, PU, M6). A multimedia website with public deliverables and information.

Interim Report on Non-verbal Agent Behaviour Enabling

Interim Report on Non-verbal Agent Behaviour Enabling (R, PU, M12) will concretely define the positive interpersonal behavioural traits to be shown by the virtual agent and analyse the causal relation between user behaviour and expected agent behaviour for a positive interpersonal experience.

Revised report on Modular Architecture, protocols and APIs

Revised report on modular architecture, protocols and APIs (R, PU, M12) A report revising the architecture, protocols and APIs after the initial research cycle.

Project Handbook and Quality Plan

Project Handbook and Quality Plan (R, PU, M3) contains general operational information including contact details, reporting processes, communication protocols, document templates and numbering methods, logos et cetera. Quality plan elements include information about technical quality control, risk logs and the procedures for risk monitoring, decision-making and conflict resolution.

Interim Report on Reactive Behaviour and Haptic Techniques

Interim Report on Reactive Behaviour and Haptic Techniques (R, PU, M15) will show progress on the reactive character animation system as well as the preliminary development and evaluation of haptic-enabled interaction techniques.

Interim Report on Agent Social Interpretation Enabling

Interim Report on Agent Social Interpretation Enabling (R, PU, M12) will present prototypical recognition components for the interpretation of social behaviour of the agent’s human counterpart. Therefore, we evaluate appropriate machine learning models, assess the needed amount training data as well as acquisition plans and show a first integration in the agent’s social sensing system.

Data Management Plan

Data Management Plan (R, PU, M6) will report on the data plan strategy for the proposal. The plan will address data that can be made available for open research and accessibility.


Pianobot: An Adaptive Robotic Piano Tutor

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An Evolutionary-based Generative Approach for Audio Data Augmentation

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Topology-aware Camera Control for Real-time Applications

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Multimodal Joke Presentation for Social Robots based on Natural-Language Generation and Nonverbal Behaviors

Author(s): Hannes Ritschel,Thomas Kiderle, Klaus Weber, Elisabeth Andre
Published in: Second Workshop on Natural Language Generation for Human–Robot Interaction at HRI 2020, 2020
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Updateable Inner Product Argument with Logarithmic Verifier and Applications

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Multimodal Joke Generation and Paralinguistic Personalization for a Socially-Aware Robot

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Crowd Navigation in VR: exploring haptic rendering of collisions

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The Effect of Gender and Attractiveness of Motion on Proximity in Virtual Reality

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