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Research and Innovation Centre on Advanced Industrial Production


Internal documentation on RICAIP full access to CIIRC CTU administration capacities

The internal agreement on a matrix management model for RICAIP F&A Services availability at partner’s organizations; (related to T2.2).

Common requirements on all managerial and scientific positions of RICAIP

The deliverable will include KPIs for all RICAIP positions and description of evaluation procedures; (related to T4.1).

Mobility programme defined

The Mobility programme will include plans for short-term internships and visits of foreign experts; (related to T4.2).

Career Development Plan and retention policy drafted

The deliverable will contain principles for research and administrative staff career development. The principles will be based on adaptation of current career development plans already adopted by CEITEC BUT and CIIRC CTU; (related to T4.1).

Research groups scientific and organisational workplan including SSH

The plan for scientific focus and tasks of each research group will be defined and presented; (related to T3.1).

Educational and training tools

Software and hardware tool-box to perform online and offline training at different sites; (related to T3.1).

Recruitment processes and welcome services documentation

The deliverable will be aimed at processes for the recruitment of research and administrative staff. These processes will be designed with respect to the internal rules of project partners and relevant legislation. The concept of welcome services for new employees will be described; (related to T4.1).

Grant Lab Strategy

Strategy for project managers to cooperate on joint project proposals in order to enhance competitiveness in seeking for international H2020 calls; (related to T3.2).

RICAIP Responsible Research and Innovation Strategy

Strategy document on fair, responsible and transparent actions for RICAIP to address the needs of the scientific excellence and various social interest groups; (related to T2.4).

Plan for interdisciplinary workshops, seminars and conferences

Plan and concept for RICAIP workshops, seminars and RICAIP scientific conferences in the upcoming years; (related to T4.2).

Dissemination strategy and standards

The strategic document will focus on activities increasing the awareness of the RICAIP Project and dissemination of its results and impacts to all target groups - continuously updated during the project. Examples of the dissemination routes are, e.g. RICAIP Workshop series and scientific conference, etc.; (related to T7.1).

Kick off meeting minutes

First meeting of the project consortium that will be held by CIIRC CTU in Prague; (related to T1.1).

Communication strategy and standards

The communication strategy focuses on specific target groups and communication routes, both internally and externally. Continuously updated during the project. Examples of the communication routes are, e.g. RICAIP Industry 4.0 Information Days, programme targeting school children “Computer-aided Industry: This is Interesting!”, etc.; (related to T7.2).

Science as a business strategy

Strategy document based on needs of industry and society and its derivation and application in RICAIP; (related to T2.3).

Exploitation Plan

The deliverable will be focused on identification of target groups, recognising the exploitable RICAIP results and planning of their sharing with the stakeholders - continuously updated; (related to T7.1).

Terms and conditions of testbed open access principles drafted

The deliverable will setup principles of open access to the upgraded infrastructure. The principles will be based on modified core-facility access policies already introduced by CEITEC BUT; (related to T2.2).

Call for the RICAIP Director - final documentation

The requirements on the position of the RICAIP Director specifying necessary level of scientific and managerial experience of the candidate; (related to T4.1).

Tenure track policy

The missing tenure track policy will be defined and established at CIIRC CTU; (related to T3.3).

Gender action plan advanced draft

The deliverable will provide the advanced draft of gender issues related strategic document including set of measures, recommendations and KPIs taken by all partners with the aim to achieve the gender equality standards within RICAIP; (related to T2.5).

RICAIP EU Roadmap strategy

Full documentation to apply and enter the national ESFRI Roadmaps, including the BP and Sustainability Plan; (related to T2.4).

Data Management Plan

The deliverable will provide detailed rules on handling collected data including data security and privacy issues. Rules for access to the data by project partners as well as external use of the data will be covered; (related to T2.4).

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Non-Linear Model Predictive Control of Cabin Temperature and Air Quality in Fully Electric Vehicles

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DOI: 10.1109/tvt.2021.3054170

A New Method to Perform Direct Efficiency Measurement and Power Flow Analysis in Vibration Energy Harvesters

Author(s): Jan Kunz, Jiri Fialka, Stanislav Pikula, Petr Benes, Jakub Krejci, Stanislav Klusacek, Zdenek Havranek
Published in: Sensors, Issue 21/7, 2021, Page(s) 2388, ISSN 1424-8220
DOI: 10.3390/s21072388

Using Image Sequences for Long-Term Visual Localization

Author(s): Erik Stenborg, Torsten Sattler,Lars Hammarstrand
Published in: 2020

Benchmarking Image Retrieval for Visual Localization

Author(s): Noe Pion, Martin Humenberger, Gabriela Csurka, Yohann Cabon, Torsten Sattler
Published in: 2020

Deep LiDAR localization using optical flow sensor-map correspondences

Author(s): Anders Sunegård, Lennart Svensson, Torsten Sattler
Published in: 2020