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Coordination and Harmonisation of National Inititiatives, Infrastructures and Data services in Central and Western Europe


MoU signed with INFRAEOSC05 -a and -c projects

MoU with the projects from the subtopics -c and -a of the INFRAEOSC05 call, to regulate contractual collaborations between the parties.

Quality assurance, risk management and innovation management plan

The document will outline the quality assurance, risk management and innovation plans for the project and set out the relevant procedures to be adopted by the consortium.

EOSC-Pillar Dissemination, Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Plan

This deliverable will describe the dissemination, communication and stakeholders engagement and strategy plan including input from all other tasks.

FAIR-oriented Research Data Management: Support, Training and Assessment Activity Report

This deliverable reports on the activities and results of Tasks 5.3, 5.4. As such, it is the shared responsibility of CNR and UGent.

Legal and Policy framework and federation blueprint

A study of the legal and policy state of the art in the involved countries, highlighting commonalities to be leveraged and challenges to be tackled, and proposing a blueprint for the federation’s rules and procedures. To be updated as D4.6 at M27.

Summary Report on the National Initiatives survey

Report on the analysis, discussion on the methods, tools and results, conclusions and recommendations.

EOSC-Pillar Dissemination, Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Report

This deliverable will describe the dissemination, communication and stakeholders engagement and strategy plan including input from all other tasks.

State of the Art and Community Needs Report from Use Cases

This deliverable reports on the findings of the Use Cases analysis, with a special focus in the state of the art, the community requirements and on the oppportunities to extend the use case.

Training Plan

This deliverable presents the overall project training plan, which will include 1. FAIR-related awareness; 2. training on project-related tools and procedures, addressing both project participants and the prospective user community; 3. use-cases related training addressing specific communities.

FAIR Research Data Management Tool set - first release

The bundle of service instance(s) resulting from T5.1 and T5.2 activities is released. This Toolset will be updated at least every 6 months after this initial release, and will have at least another major release at PM 24.

Signed MoU with Regional initiatives

A multilateral MoU, or a set of bilateral ones to regulate the contractual collaboration with complementary grants 857652 EOSC-Nordic, 857647 EOSC-synergy, 857641 ExPaNDS, 857645 NI4OS-Europe. The memorandi of understanding will detail how synergies will be identified and be fully exploited and how work will be as much as possible complementary. The MoU will detail how the projects will continue to interact and exchange info throughout the duration of the projects. Collaboration will include aligning (and possibly co-organising) certain activities of dissemination (also towards the EOSC Executive Board, including its working groups) and outreach.

Data Management Plan and Policies

This document will present the Data Management Plan (DMP) for the project, which will cover a: a) privacy/ethical processes of managing the data collected, processed or generated, and b) modalities for the publishing of documents. This will allow to properly share and publish all documents produced in the course of the activities, as this will affect future decision-making. It will define what methodology and standards will be adopted for handling any data; how this data will be shared and/or made open; and how the data will be curated and preserved during and after the project within the definition and scope of EOSC vision.

FAIR research Data Management Workbench Operation Report

This deliverable documents the activities and results (e.g. indicators on integrated data providers, and datasets, indicators on datasets accesses) of the operation of the toolset service and EOSC-Pillar data space.

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