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FarmConners - Paving the Way for Wind Farm Control in Industry


Common test benchmark results of WFC code comparison

The individual results of the benchmark cases per FarmConners participant are presented at the assigned side event of the Wind Energy Science (WESC) 2021 Conference

Recommendations and best practices for testing and validation of WFC

In the second FarmConners project meeting, held at KU Leuven, the best practices for testing and validation of WFC is to be finalized (based on ongoing experiences in D1.1 and D1.2) and released as a white paper from the project website

WFC benefits in market support and integration benchmark results

As in D 1.4 the WFC codes for the benchmark defined in D3.2 will be tested with respect to variable electricity prices. The quantified benefits are presented at the assigned mini-symposium of the Wind Energy Science (WESC) 2021 Conference

Position Paper on Certification, Standardization and other Regulatory issues of WFC

Following the investigation of the current certification, standardization and regulation practices started with the beginning of the project, the position paper is published on the FarmConners project website.

Definition of showcases for WFC in benchmark market scenarios

Similar to D 1.2, FarmConners consortium defines use cases of WFC in benchmark market scenarios to show and discuss the potential benefits aboveof WFC in flexible energy markets. The specified example cases will be presented in the Wind Integration Workshop (WIW) 2020 and a (green) open access conference paper will follow.

Launch of Common test benchmark case for code comparison

The resulting benchmark cases are launched in the side event on TORQUE 2020

Consensus on Common test benchmark case for code comparison

At the second day of the kick-off event (24-25 September 2019), the consensus is reached regarding the framework of the common test benchmark

Workshop on Today’s Market Challenges for wind energy and added value of WFC

In 2-day event hosted by KU Leuven, a workshop on where the wind energy stands in today’s market structure is organized with the candidate speakers from ENGIE Green Business Unit (on “Global Energy Management”), CarbonTrust, CENER and CEPS.

Workshop and Research Gap Analysis on WFC demonstration experience

Public workshop organized at the first day of the 2-day kick-off event at DTU Wind Energy (24-25 September 2019). The available datasets and existing demonstrations are to be presented and the WFC testing experience of FarmConners is publicly shared.

Main communication platforms setup

Standard templates for external communication have been produced and made accessible for all partners; the FarmConners website is fully functional with central project information, and the FarmConners LinkedIn profile has been created and the first post on the profile has been written. FarmConners WFC YouTube channel has been opened and announced in all the (other) social media channels of the FarmConners alliance.

Research Gap Analysis paper on TORQUE

The research gap analysis in WFC test and validation is presented in TORQUE 2020 Conference, organized by TU Delft (26-28 May 2020), which is also published as an open-access paper.

Workshop on certification and standardization gaps for WFC

At the side event/workshop in WindEurope/Global Wind Summit 2020 Hamburg, the findings on D 2.1 is further analysed and the gaps in the certification and standardization practices are discussed with all the relevant stakeholders, in the biggest event in the wind energy field.

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State of the art and research gaps in wind farm control - Results of a recent workshop

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Expert Elicitation on Wind Farm Control

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Launch of the FarmConners Wind Farm Control benchmark for code comparison

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