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SET Plan/ENVE Conference 2019

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SET PLAN ENVE 2019 (SET Plan/ENVE Conference 2019)

Reporting period: 2019-06-01 to 2019-12-31

The conference particularly focused on the role of citizens, cities and regions on the road towards clean energy transition. The SET Plan for energy and technology proposes solutions to many of the world’s problems. The EU leads in setting and achieving climate goals and on green technologies.
The main objective of the 12th year anniversary SET Plan conference was to perform an exchange of numerous innovative ideas and good practices with a clear involvement of local and regional leaders from the European Union.
The common objectives of the Set-Plan, of the Committee of the Regions and the Romanian Government can be achieved only by working together, thus we all aim to accelerate the development and deployment of low-carbon technologies and we want to improve new technologies and bring down costs. The Romanian Set-Plan is an important step towards acting more visibly on the ground for the decarbonisation of our territories and strengthening of our capacity to adapt to climate change impact and in accordance with the 2050 Energy Strategy of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80-95% by 2050.
Furthermore, the 12th SET Plan –Conference aims to reach following sub-objectives as summarized:
1. Creating a platform for discussion, dialogue and networking for member states, regional and local authorities, civil society, business, science, academia and other stakeholders, gathering more than 500 persons.
2. Strengthening capacities and understanding of important role of the regions and local authorities in relation to the development of next-generation renewable energy technologies and to the protection of small-scale projects by providing an open discussion on this topic and gathering representatives from local and regional authorities.
3. Developing the capacity of representatives of the local public administration from Romania to support the development of low-carbon technologies and to provide access of the citizens to a secure, sustainable and affordable energy as a must for good governance at local and national level in Romania, through setting up a Newsletter and using good practice examples from Europe in order to promote them along their members (municipalities, towns, communes and counties councils)
4. Increase the visibility and understanding of the Energy Union and the topic of Strategic Energy Technologies and to disseminate information.
5. Strengthening solidarity between Central and South-Eastern European Countries according to the CESEC Initiative
Planning the project activities was done taking into account the proposed activities chart, the objectives and the purpose of the project, the allocated resources and will be done by the project management team.
The project manager develop a project plan that. The project plan was presented in an initial planning meeting with all members of the project team, including representatives of all organisations involved. At this initial coordination and planning meeting, the project will be explained with sufficient details to provide an overall understanding, following discussions with all the members of the implementation team, the experts responsible for the project activities.
Partners cooperate on dissemination together on providing and identifying a database of possible recipients and will coordinate the distribution plan of publications.
The SET Plan press point and conference was broadcasted LIVE on Facebook Page and on the web platform More than 26.000 people reached through this dissemination process and more than 8.000 views on the broadcast. (
The top three Brussels-based EU news portals reported on the ENVE and/or the SET Plan conference. POLITICO Pro referred to both events and reported on climate politics adding quotes of the CoR's President Lambertz on the clean energy transition and the need to 'cut urban consumption-based emissions by at least 50 percent by 2030'. EurActiv article focuses on funding the energy transition.
With 34 articles, Romanian press extensively covered the SET Plan conference and the participation of Romanian authorities. Several TVs were present at the SET Plan Press conference.
Czech specialised portal Energy Hub publishes three articles on the SET Plan conference.
The SET Plan conference was promoted on CoR's Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts and AMR Facebook account. • More than 75 796 users were reached, earning more than 800 user engagements. • The SET Plan conference's LIVE coverage was shared on CoR Twitter account.
Also, featuring the banner of the Set Plan & ENVE Conference on homepage and on the right section of each article. has a display rate of more than 500.000 views/ month; - 100.000 views; - 100.000 views; - 100.000 views; - 100.000 views
LIVE Tweets coverage from the Opening and Closing Sessions, as well as from the all six working sessions of Set Plan Conference. Photo package of more than 400 images delivered via cloud facilities.
Organizing the 12th SET Plan Conference jointly with the ENVE Commission of the European Committee of the Regions, in addition to the close cooperation with the other stakeholders, namely the European Commission DG Energy, Ministry of Energy of Romania, the Global Covenant of Mayors, the Permanent Representation of Romania to the EU, Cityhall of the District 3 of Bucharest, Politehnica University of Bucharest and Fuell Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking allowed the Conference to unlock a very wide network of participation and involvement throughout all sectors and political levels.
440 delegates high-level participants was prezent at the 12th SET Plan Conference. The Conference generated an effective interaction between multilevel governance, European Industry, civil society organisations and research and academia institutions.
Local and regional authorities play a central role in the implementation of EU environment, climate change and energy policy. The SET Plan conference allowed representatives from local and regional authorities to discuss the formulation of these policies and to promote best practices in these fields.
DG ENERGY from European Commission drew four small conclusions of the event.
From his point of view:
1. is not about single technology when we talk about the energy transitions and is not only a single issue that needs to be resolved. It's about a system change,
2. it s about investing in innovation,
3. it s about courage, creativity, being prepared to change things, thinking outside the box,
4. we will not make the energy transition happen if we don’t take the people with us.
Energy transitions needs to include citizens, cities, regions our we will not make it.

European Committee of the Regions spoke about the next policy strategy for Europe that will be focusing on how can operate not only inside Europe, but globally as well.