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Tuneable Acoustic Noise DampEning Material

Project description

Innovative technology to lower noise pollution

High levels of noise pollution are a direct result of rapid urbanisation and human activity. There is a rising demand for lower noise emissions, from society and regulators. The EU envisages a substantial reduction in noise emissions but existing acoustic materials are not effective barriers to the noise of vehicles and other modes of transport. These industries are seeking advanced and reliable technologies to face the increasing demands for noise reduction in urban environments. The EU-funded TANDEM project aims to develop an acoustic insulation metamaterial to effectively reduce noise pollution. This will allow the construction of smaller and lighter products for use in the construction, aerospace, energy, and vehicle sectors. TANDEM will complete its clean technology for market commercialisation.


Existing acoustic materials do not meet the challenges of the increasingly noisy modern world. Thick and heavy slabs of materials are required to block out low frequency noise, like that of cars and jet engines. Increasing production cost, product size, and emissions. Industries are facing increasingly stringent regulations, and don’t have the technology to comply.

SoundBounce is an acoustic metamaterial providing superior noise reduction. It bypasses a critical technical bottleneck enabling the creation of smaller, lighter products with substantially reduced noise output. This is critical in the construction, automotive, power generation and aerospace sectors where space is at a premium.

SoundBounce provides game-changing advantages: 100-1000x improvement on current state-of-the-art; 3x volume reduction; customisable; unique ability to attenuate low frequency noise; and clean technology.

Market leaders in the €8 billion acoustic materials market have demonstrated their clear demand for the scaled up SoundBounce technology. Market growth is being driven by more stringent regulation, increasing social demand for lower noise emissions, and a rapidly urbanising population.

The SoundBounce team is uniquely positioned to deliver this groundbreaking technology to the market, with decades of commercial experience and deep technical expertise. Project TANDEM will advance SoundBounce to TRL 9 completing the remaining scale-up and commercialisation of the technology.

The EU is committed to significantly decreasing noise pollution and SoundBounce has the ability to address this ambitious challenge.

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