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An unrivalled medical device for severe cancer treatment complications:exact & easy red-LED photobiomodulation for mucositis and dermatitis

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LEDs treat important radiotherapy side effects

The rise in aging population coupled with early cancer detection and treatment will result in many people living for years with cancer requiring potentially recurring treatments. Oral mucositis and radiodermatitis are serious side effects of radiotherapy. Until recently, treatment for these side-effects was mostly palliative. In the last decade, photobiomodulation using lasers has been used with some success. However, new research suggests that high-intensity laser light is not required. The EU-funded CareMin650 project has created a light-emitting diode (LED)-based phototherapy device by the same name. It has been validated in patients and shown to be safe and effective. Now it will be headed to market.


Today the healthcare system is under great pressure due to the increasing incidence of cancer, which is also affected by ageing of the population. However, all efforts in the medical industry have concentrated on early diagnosis and treatment of cancer, so that this is becoming a chronic disease. The surfacing challenge from now on will be improving the quality of life of cancer patients.
Mucositis and radiodermatitis are the most common and most debilitating side effects suffered by cancer patients but, so far, there is no approved preventive or curative treatment. In the last years, photobiomodulation has gained traction but the technology is still expensive, complex and inaccurate. CareMin650 is an innovative LED-based phototherapy device that will make photobiomodulation for the treatment of these conditions accurate, easy and inexpensive, thanks to its flexible fabric made of woven optic fibre. Neomedlight is proprietary of this core technology and knows a previous market success across Europe applying it to the niche market of jaundice treatment with Bilicocoon®. We now have validated the reliability of CareMin650 to deliver a fast, comfortable and painless treatment for patients; these are the added values to our central value proposition: a system for preventive and curative delivery of an accurate dose of red light. Moreover, this is a cost-effective solution to increase the quality of life and the survival of cancer patients: In the EU alone, CareMin650 will contribute to reduce the 200,000 cancer deaths and the €27.9 billion economic burden associated to mucositis and radiodermatitis. We have a huge untapped market ahead and now want to finalise CareMin650 development and achieve market preparedness. The SME Phase 2 project will allow NeoMedLight to put on the market a medical device that will boost the growth of the company, with an expected €20.8 million cumulative profit, a ROI of 5.08 and from 8 to 20 new job positions by 2025.

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