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The Human Face of AI


Developer Community program charter

A Developer Community charter that outlines all essential aspects of the Furhat Developer community will be developed. The charter will be refined and improved in tandem with the evolution of the community itself.

Debugging & simulation toolset

Additional debugging & testing functionality will be delivered. This includes improved logging of interaction data, improved analysis, enriched natural language model and dialog flow analysis, interaction replay, automatic detection of issues, as well as additional features derived from developer feedback and developer community initiatives.

Furhat Cloud

Furhat Cloud will be developed and include Furhat cloud account, robot system activation & provisioning, robot system administration, access to software updates, access to support channels, billing & invoicing information, robot system cloud backup & restore, enterprise device management (e.g. robot fleet management), enterprise user management, robot utilization analytics & skills utilization analytics, including logging & visualization of interaction data.

Mood & personality modelling toolset

Functionality will be delivered that drives enhanced autonomous behavior with mood & personality modeling, this will allow developers & content creators to focus on the business logic of their skill instead of explicitly programming non-verbal behavior. As a result, developers will be able to configure & change the mood & personality of their Furhat character as users progress through their interactions, increasing its expressiveness.

Visual programming toolset

Visual programming tools will be delivered that simplify development of the most basic skills & interactions, such as presentations, Q&A type & trivia skills. These will enable the quick creation of basic useful social robotics applications with Furhat without the direct use of the Kotlin programming language and its associated toolchain. Additional tooling that enables developers to work on skill content separately from skill logic will also be delivered.

Content creation toolset

Additional content creation and management tools will be delivered, including speech creation & management tools that improve natural (as opposed to synthetic) speech integration support in skills. In addition, the face modeling toolchain will be extended in order to enable more fluid & automated integration between the different steps in the process, specifically enabling previews of new Furhat faces, speeding up the face creation process & opening it up to 3rd party developers. Finally, a component/package architecture will be designed in order to increase the extent to which logic & content can be shared across different skills, promoting reuse & reducing development time.

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