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Increased energy efficiency, flexibility and reduction of green-house gases using thermal battery

Project description

Thermal batteries to lower energy consumption

In a wide range of industrial plants such as the steel or chemical sectors, energy consumption represents a considerable part of production cost. These sectors emit large quantities of high-temperature heat that can be used as an alternative form of energy. The EU-funded HEAT2VALUE project proposes the thermal battery solution to store energy in the form of heat instead of electricity. High-grade heat that otherwise should be wasted can be collected, stored and discharged on demand and used to produce high-level energy in the form of electricity, heating and cooling. This flexible and efficient solution reduces fuel consumption. The benefits and performance of the solution will be demonstrated at a power plant.


EnergyNest has developed a breakthrough Thermal Battery solution that enables a step-change in improved efficiency, flexibility, and environmental performance for the power and industrial manufacturing sectors. By storing energy in the form of heat rather than electricity our technology unlocks a vast new market that has so far been largely overlooked. Energy-intensive industries and several types of thermal power plants emit large quantities of high-temperature heat. Recovered, stored and discharged upon demand high-grade heat can be used to produce high-value energy in the form of electricity, process steam/heat, district heating and even cooling which would otherwise have to be produced from fuel combustion, hence reducing fuel consumption and GHG emissions. The potential cumulative CO2 savings for these sectors is greater than 500 million tons between 2020-2040. Our solution offer strong business cases with IRRs in the range of 20–40% in a market estimated to be greater than 7 billion € per year in Europe.

The objective of this project is to demonstrate the EnergyNest Thermal Battery system within the Azteq CST plant in Turnhout, Belgium. Excess solar thermal energy will be stored and discharged within the CST plant which is to support the nearby industrial facility of Avery Dennison with thermal energy reducing natural gas consumption and CO2 emission. The demonstration will familiarize our future customers to the Thermal Battery, establishing trust in its performance, benefits and our capabilities. The Thermal Battery innovation relies on a patented system design using an unique concrete-like storage medium. The project will activate an European supply chain, with steel fabrication in The Czech Republic/Romania, concrete fabrication in Germany, prefabrication of Thermal Battery Modules in the Netherlands, and local engineering services in Norway and Spain.

EnergyNest was founded in 2011 by prof. Pål Bergan, a renowned structural mechanics expert formerly professor at NTNU and Senior Vice President at DNV GL.

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