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Project description

Mineral wool for sustainable, safe HVAC fire protection system

There is a growing market – both on land and sea – for sustainable, fire resistant and ecological conduit systems for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). The EU-funded SAFEVENT project is proposing an advanced HVAC conduit system based on mineral wool. Using sustainable, eco-friendly raw materials, this new system features robustness of metallic ductwork that is quiet, fire-resistant, lightweight and has insulating properties. Slated for commercialisation, this highly-innovative system was developed by Sweden’s Climate Recovery Ind AB, which specialises in adaptable insulated ducts and fittings for the HVAC market.


The overall goal of the project is to finalize and commercialize a highly innovative, pre-insulated HVAC duct system based
on mineral wool for the land & marine construction sectors. The product caters for key unmet needs of its users, by being
sustainable AND safe: steel-free, made from “green” raw materials yet showing all the required fire-resistance and insulating
Climate Recovery Ind AB was founded in 2009 in Kalmar, Sweden. Our first commercial product – a pre-insulated duct
system based on glass wool - is taking European markets by storm. Launch of the new duct system is a logical step of
expansion to unpenetrated so far sector of marine constructions and as such fully aligned with company’s business strategy.
With more diverse portfolio Climate Recovery will capitalize on its innovations and continue to experience a long time
average growth.
The targeted users of the new duct system are installers of HVAC and insulation, who will work with it; distributors &
outlicensing partners, who will manufacture and sell it and owners/planners who will commission it. The novelty of Climate
Recovery’s approach lies in placing sustainable raw materials, like mineral wool, at the heart of its proprietary technological
platform and exploiting their unique properties in development of novel HVAC duct systems.
Unique combination of features: robustness of metallic ductwork, fire-resistance, silencing, insulating properties and
lightweightness, will secure the marketability of our ducts & fittings. For all these reasons the new duct system bears the
potential to disrupt the HVAC sector and strengthen Climate Recovery’s market presence.
The project carries a considerable EU-added value because using our products for air circulation in buildings will reduce
their environmental impact and increase the durability and recyclability of their components. Moreover, outstanding fire
resistance performance of our system will lead to constructions more fire-resilient.

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€ 1 673 875,00
Skeppsbron 9
83 Kalmar

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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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€ 717 375,00