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The ECAM-II Project is closely related to the ECAM (I) ESPRIT project 7701. Both projects are coordinated by the Flat Panel Display Co. (FPD) B.V. a joint venture of Philips, Thomson and SAGEM. The common goal of both projects is to safeguard and enhance European competitiveness in comparison with the Japanese competition.

The project is, like ECAM I, organised in sub-projects, where each sub-project has its own specific objective. For the ECAM II project, the objective has been formulated as follows:

Find the most economic way to produce AMLCDs with environmentally clean techniques and processes for existing and new applications, and care for products which can be used by as many as possible customers. Contribute herewith the European democratic desire to enable every citizen to participate in the information process and forming individual opinions.

These goals are pursued in ECAM II in several ways:

- Introduction of simplified or improved processes developed in ECAM I, specially 2S-3S TFT, processes with a better process window or improved optical effect.
- Research in the further improve the angle dependence of the viewing angle, by radically different alignment techniques and new materials.
- Process development in processes that use less materials, emit less to the environment, are safer for the operators or the environment.
- Develop a European source for key components, specially colour filters and PTV key elements.

FPD and joint-venture partners are again complemented by a broad spectrum R&D consortium which will secure the necessary technologies in the short and medium term. The consortium comprises the companies as listed below.


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