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Privacy Matters

Project description

New training network for privacy issues

In the 21st century, maintaining a citizen's right to individual privacy is rapidly becoming unattainable. The advent of artificial intelligence, the ubiquity of sensors and biometrics, massively expanding processing power, and modern data mining all contribute to this. The Privacy Matters Innovative Training Network (PriMa ITN) will train upcoming researchers to develop solutions. Bringing together industrial and academic expertise while considering technological, ethical, legal and psychological issues will help prepare a new generation of researchers to effectively tackle this looming societal challenge. Academic partners from around Europe will run inter-related PhD programmes, where PriMa early-stage researchers will collaborate, facilitating knowledge exchange by visiting and working on their project at other partner universities, as well as with industrial partners.


With the rapid increase in technological means for personal information capture and surveillance and the use of Artificial Intelligence, there is growing challenge to establishing and maintaining individual privacy. One important factor contributing to the erosion of privacy is the growth in biometric person recognition technologies. Another is the increasing possibility for extensive data mining, allowing for the aggregation, linkage and inference of personal information of individuals active on the internet. With the ubiquity of sensors (in mobile devices, CCTV cameras, etc.) and processing power, there is a real possibility that privacy may become an unattainable goal unless technological and societal steps are taken to allow the citizens to regain control of their personal information and activities. The ITN PriMa aims at training the next generation of researchers and technologists who have an all-round understanding of the multidisciplinary nature of the issues involved and who can contribute to the development of solutions that address this important societal challenge. PriMa will bring together Europe-wide complementary academic and industrial expertise to investigate these issues and provide a structure and environment to effectively facilitate training. The proposed ITN will cover the technological issues regarding privacy protection for biometric technologies as well as the related ethical, legal and psychological issues. The ITN will comprise academic and industrial partners, as well as an external advisory board. The academic partners from different European states will each run inter-related PhD programs requiring their ITN Early-Stage Researchers (ESR) to visit and work on their project at other partner universities, as well as at industrial partners, to develop a wider vision of the subject and their potential for contribution and collaboration.


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