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Electronic Materials Initiative For Waste Reduction


Disposal of waste materials has partly caused acceptance problems for new plants as well as for the extension of existing plants. To minimise such dependencies, improved concepts for waste management are urgently required.

The project will analyse the current state of the art at IC/PCB manufacturers and chemical suppliers as well as technical, legal and economic aspects and new demands for chemicals.

Technical aspects will be investigated to characterise all kinds of waste, reprocessing technologies and safe transport. A comprehensive series of trace analysis will be needed to clearly evaluate reuse and reprocssing techniques.

Economic aspects are to be considered with respect to waste removal and reprocessing/reuse. This comparison will include all costs, such as the investment cost of electronic and chemicals manufacturing and the costs of transport and storage.

Consideration of legal aspects has to show whether all reasonable technical solutions can be practised and whether modifications of current waste handling laws should be initiated.

Through these investigations a new model for waste reduction will be derived, improving environmental acceptance of electronic manufacturing by intensified industrial cooperation.


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