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Smart Network Operator Platform enabling Shared, Integrated and more Sustainable Urban Freight Logistics


State of the art in optimization and machine leaning algorithms applied to last mile logistics

Review of the state of the art in optimization and machine learning methods for dynamic planning in logistics for identification of potential improvements in network and urban planning This deliverable will further characterize different optimization models and define a set of benchmarks and datasets for testing and validation of the algorithms

IPR and Knowledge Management Strategy Report 1 (Public)

Summary of the above report D68 which will focus on making appropriate information outputs available to stakeholders outside the project while respecting issues of commercial confidentiality

Dashboard solution design

Design of the global Dashboard of the SENATOR platform including a visualization tool supported on open source GIS configure an advanced web app to visualize data for ataglance decision making engaging view of data from the other partners

Business environment analysis: technical and market-regulatory recommendations Report 1

Technical and marketregulatory recommendations for integrated flexibility services including market barriers SWOT analysis and stakeholder interests This deliverable will set out an initial view on the business environment within which the SENATOR services would be provided considering both policyregulatory and marketbased issues It will include the results of stakeholder analysis setting out their key interests and how they may conflict with those of other groups

SENATOR architecture and detailed design

Definition of the systems architecture comprising the four fundamental modules of the SENATOR platform The aim of this document is to present a detailed description of the Senator ICT platform The document focuses on definition of required data models specification of the architecture of the different modules than make up the Senator ICT platform and the Communications middleware and the Global Dashboard design The modules included in the Senator ICT platform are 1 Ondemand Platform manager 2 Multimodal Fleet Manager 3 Smart Routes Manager and 4 Diagnosis of Urban Infrastructure

Report on Dissemination and Communication activities Report 1

Followup of the Dissemination and Communication activities impact carried out at M12 in Task 71

Searching for OpenAIRE data...


Optimization and Machine Learning Applied to Last-Mile Logistics: A Review

Author(s): Giuffrida, Nadia, Jenny Fajardo-Calderin, Antonio D. Masegosa, Frank Werner, Margarete Steudter, and Francesco Pilla.
Published in: MDPI, 2022, ISSN 2071-1050
Publisher: MDPI Open Access Publishing
DOI: 10.3390/su14095329