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Low-Emission Adaptive last mile logistics supporting 'on Demand economy' through digital twins


Reference LEAD Strategies

Report with 30 reference LEAD strategies to be explored through simulation in the Digital Twins and in reallife urban setting experiments LLs

Technical Requirements - Solution Architecture

System architecture and interfaces considering scalability elasticity availability and connectivity requirements and detailed development plan

Knowledge Base - Reference Models

Report consolidating reference models for urban logistics to be used as the baseline for developing the Digital Twin

Innovative Business Models, Governance and PPPs

This deliverable summarises the most relevant issues related to stakeholder collaboration governance and business models It also maps the stakeholder cooperation process in the LLs

Innovation Agenda - Value case scenarios and validation KPIs

Detailed analysis of the value cases and the target KPIs that would set the benchmarking for the actual measurements in the LLs

City Logistics landscape in the era of on-demand economy

This deliverable highlights the main challenges and trends that are influencing city logistics due to the ondemand economy It covers i typologies of agile urban freight storage and last mile distribution schemes ii PI optimisation criteria iii green vehicles classification integration in urban logistics

Stakeholders Engagement Strategy and Dissemination Plan

Stakeholders engagement strategy report including target groups planned activities and KPIs

LEAD DDDAS System (v1)

Initial prototype of the DDDAS system with i the data handling pipeline to enrich and validate streaming data ii unification of datasets from difference LLs iii orchestration of models and data

Decision Support System and APIs (v1)

Initial version of the DSS incorporating the cognitive engine as a background processes including the cognitive engine simple the user dashboards providing realtime intelligence and some explainable AI interface and the APIs

Communication and Outreach Activities and LEAD website - Period 1

Dissemination activities report including networking activities stakeholders communications and events

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