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Antiadhesive Bionic Combs for Handling of Nanofibers


SEM images of capture wool

Public SEM images of cribellate nanofibers at the calamistrum on the project web-site.

Adhesion measurements of natural and artificial fibers

Public intermediate summary of adhesion measurements of natural and artificial nanofibers on the project web-site.

Report on 2PP with high resolution

Public scientific reports on the formation mechanisms of 2-photon polymerization structures reporting on achievable structure sizes for the materials under investigation.

Cells first findings

Public scientific report on first findings of interaction between cells and nanostructures.

Example functional coating

Public report on an example of functional coating on web-site.

Example fibers on structures

Public report on an example of fiber-repellence by laser-fabricated structures on project web-site.

Report on lab-scale fiber production

Report on the project web-site about the lab-scale fiber production methods used in the project.

Formation mechanisms of LIPSS and achievable structure sizes

Public scientific reports on the formation mechanisms of LIPSS reporting on achievable structure sizes for the materials under investigation.

Capture strategy of spiders

Report on project web-site about capture strategy of cribellate spiders in comparison to other spiders and resulting consequences for the calamistrum.

Web-site and logo

To disseminate relevant up-to-date information regarding the project, a web-site will be set up with public and internal section. The installation of the web-site will be reported in this deliverable as well as the creation of the project logo and the relevant social media accounts.

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Tailoring submicrometer periodic surface structures via ultrashort pulsed direct laser interference patterning

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Ambient Climate Influences Anti-Adhesion between Biomimetic Structured Foil and Nanofibers

Author(s): Marco Meyer, Gerda Buchberger, Johannes Heitz, Dariya Baiko, Anna-Christin Joel
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Ten Open Questions about Laser-Induced Periodic Surface Structures

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Published in: Nanomaterials, Issue 11, 2021, Page(s) 3326, ISSN 2079-4991
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Spatial Period of Laser-Induced Surface Nanoripples on PET Determines Escherichia coli Repellence

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Biocompatible Micron‐Scale Silk Fibers Fabricated by Microfluidic Wet Spinning

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Cribellate thread production as model for spider’s spinneret kinematics

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Quo Vadis LIPSS?—Recent and Future Trends on Laser-Induced Periodic Surface Structures

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Predictive modeling approaches in laser-based material processing

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Biomimetic Combs as Anti-Adhesive Tools to Manipulate Nanofibers

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Laser engineering of biomimetic surfaces

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Hierarchical Micro-/Nano-Structures on Polycarbonate via UV Pulsed Laser Processing

Author(s): Marek Mezera, Sabri Alamri, Ward A.P.M. Hendriks, Andreas Hertwig, Anna Maria Elert, Jörn Bonse, Tim Kunze, Andrés Fabián Lasagni, Gert-willem R.B.E. Römer
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Laser Direct Writing via Two-Photon Polymerization of 3D Hierarchical Structures with Cells-Antiadhesive Properties

Author(s): Irina A. Paun, Bogdan S. Calin, Cosmin C. Mustaciosu, Eugenia Tanasa, Antoniu Moldovan, Agata Niemczyk, Maria Dinescu
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Tailored Sub-micrometer Periodic Surface Structures via Ultrashort Pulsed Direct Laser Interference Patterning

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Predictive modeling approaches in laser-based material processing

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Ultrashort pulsed laser induced complex surface structures generated by tailoring the melt hydrodynamics

Author(s): F. Fraggelakis, G.D. Tsibidis, E. Stratakis
Published in: arXiv, Issue 1, 2021

A simple and cheap aerosol penetrometer for filter testing using an electronic cigarette.

Author(s): Sebastian Lifka, Ivan Ponomarev, Agnes Weth, David Baumgartner, Bernd Lamprecht, Werner Baumgartner
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Laser-Induced Periodic Surface Structures (LIPSS) for Biomedical and Sensing Applications

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