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A Programming Platform for Reactive Data-intensive Applications

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An Empirical Study on Reactive Programming

Author(s): Moritz Dinser
Published in: 2021

A Programming Paradigm for Reliable Applications in a Decentralized Setting

Author(s): Ragnar Mogk
Published in: 2021

Dynamic Placement of Continuous Data Processing with Real Time Sensory Readout on IOT Devices

Author(s): Lukas Holst
Published in: 2021

ReactiFi: Reactive Programming of Wi-Fi Firmware on Mobile Devices

Author(s): Artur Sterz, Matthias Eichholz, Ragnar Mogk, Lars Baumgärtner, Pablo Graubner, Matthias Hollick, Mira Mezini, Bernd Freisleben
Published in: The Art, Science, and Engineering of Programming, Issue 5 10.22152/, 2020, ISSN 2473-7321
DOI: 10.22152/

A fault-tolerant programming model for distributed interactive applications

Author(s): Ragnar Mogk, Joscha Drechsler, Guido Salvaneschi, Mira Mezini
Published in: Proceedings of the ACM on Programming Languages, Issue 3/OOPSLA, 2019, Page(s) 1-29, ISSN 2475-1421
DOI: 10.1145/3360570