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ERA-NET Cofund on ICT-enabled agri-food systems


Report on WS on intensifying cooperation with the regional platforms such as RIS3 and TSSP-AF

This deliverable will be a report on the workshop which will be held on the thematic areas of S3P AgriFood For further details refer to DoA task 71 description

Key Performance Indicators for monitoring and evaluation of funded projects and measurement of achievements regarding the specific objectives of ICT-AGRI-FOOD

A common set of key performance indicators (KPIs) suited for the project monitoring and evaluation of the funded projects will be developed as well as a user-friendly set of KPIs for the measurement of the achievements with respect to the specific objectives of ICT-AGRI-FOOD.

Communication and outreach work plan and summary of dissemination

A communication and dissemination strategy will be developed and a relevant communication and outreach work plan be put in place. It will also contain a summary of dissemination, elaborating on highlights and indicating areas where a more intensive dissemination is required.

"Report on Kick-off WS of the ""Knowledge Incubator"""

In the framework of DoA task 72 a kickoff workshop on the Knowledge Incubator will be held to link the communities This deliverable will provide a relevant report

Guidelines for monitoring and evaluation of the funded projects

A standard reporting procedure will be developed and the relevant guidelines for the applicants on the monitoring and evaluation of the funded projects will be drafted.

Reporting templates for the funded projects

Reporting templates will be developed in order to standardize the reporting procedure. These templates will will have to be used by the project coordinators for their project reporting.

Call Management Tool

An online submission tool for the call management will be set up and adapted to the requirements of this ERANET enabling the applicants to send their applications electronically It will also include a partnering platform supporting applicants in finding adequate research partners

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