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European Knowledge repository for best agricultural practices


Practice Abstracts (second set of practice abstracts)

40 practice abstracts or short summaries of max 1500 characters word count no spaces that describe a main informationrecommendationpractice that can serve the endusers in their daily practice will be provided

Completed programme of national training events and webinars

The training capacity building activities will be supported by attendance at a range of events from conferences industry fairs EC events eg EIPAGRI as well as the comprehensive Social Media Plan elaborated in T52 Further supporting activities may include outreach activities to promote the project outputs in in the context of the International Year of Plant Health 2020 plus other relevant large national and international events Open Days workshops involving key stakeholders and end users roundtables open labs educational activities with schools

Data Selection and Data Quality assessment report

An analysis of the proposed MA data sets from WP1 and the enduser needs from WP2 to determine which data to be further included in the EUREKA system based on the identified qualitative criteria

Impact assessment Report

Task 66 aims at using the impact assessment framework that was developed in T16 starting with the initial workshop in T11 within the EUREKA project itself to maximize the chance of being successful and making an impact This deliverable will present the outcome of this assessment over the project duration

Practice Abstracts (First set of practice abstracts)

10 practice abstracts or short summaries of max 1500 characters word count no spaces that describe a main informationrecommendationpractice that can serve the endusers in their daily practice will be provided

Report on available MA data + best practices

In this task EUREKA will analyse the type of data and the ways data are produced, collected and processed. The different types of knowledge objects and data present in the MAs will be mapped, analysed and evaluated on their contents, structures and methodologies of data generation. Special attention will be given to data gaps and other data that is less accessible based on the available knowledge and activities within the MAs.

Map of all MA projects by sector and macro-region with links in the EIP-AGRI landscape

Mapping of all the 120150 MA projects listed on the EIPAGRICORDIS database and determine the quantity and quality of links by sector eg permanent crops permanent grasslands arable crops and forestry and macroregion NordicBaltic DanubeBalkan Mediterranean and AtlanticNorth Sea with other MAs via TNs FGs and OGs within the EU wide EIPAGRI landscape

Data Governance and Sustainability Strategy Recommendations Report.

Building on the FAIR principles taking into account the COPACOGECA data guidelines 2018 this task will develop using a cocreation approach with the SWG SCAR AKIS and the multiactors in the project a set of governance guidelines for data management and propose strategies to ensure the longterm sustainability of the FarmBook platform and repository

EUREKA project website open for access

This deliverable refers to the development of a unique high quality visual identity brand platform style for the project including logo design colour palette digital style guide templates for newsletters documents presentations social media content project website This will be supported by LFG and will be compatible with the branding of the database interface and platform of the FarmBook in T42 The brand platform will ensure a consistent qualitative and correct development of EUREKA project website as well as for the C D of the project and the FarmBook platform hence the website design will be compatible with the database interface and FarmBook platform

Up to 10 short videos to promote the FarmBook to various end users

Up to 5 shortstreaming videos will be produced for each of the main enduser categories up to 10 in total one general introductory video plus up to 4 contrasting use cases that illustrate the full scope and diversity of the content of the FarmBook or EU eknowledge reservoir


Integrating Agriculture-related Data Provided by Thematic Networks into a High Impact Knowledge Reservoir

Author(s): Hercules Panoutsopoulos, Borja Espejo Garcia, Philip E.G. Verbist, Spyros Fountas, Pieter Spanoghe, Christopher Brewster
Published in: Modeling for Sustainable Management in Agriculture, Food and the Environment, 2021, Page(s) 199-226, ISBN 9780429197529
Publisher: CRC Press
DOI: 10.1201/9780429197529

Novi trendi pri objavljanju in prenosu znanj o živalski produkciji - predstavitev platforme Animal Open Space in projekta EUREKA.

Author(s): M. Čandek-Potokar, G. Bee
Published in: Zadravčevi-Erjavčevi dnevi 2021, 2021
Publisher: KGZS, KGZ Murska Sobota, Slovenija
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.6370188


Author(s): M. Čandek-Potokar, G. Bee
Published in: 13th International Symposium Modern Trends in Livestock Production, Belgrade, Serbia., 2021
Publisher: Institute of Animal Husbandry
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.6370176

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