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AGROforestry and MIXed farming systems - Participatory research to drive the transition to a resilient and efficient land use in Europe


Assessment of the farm-level financial and socio-economic performance of selected MF/AF systems

This report will include farmlevel financial data farm business performance and widersocioeconomic data available at farmlevel

Report on the impact of climate change on mixed farming and agroforestry systems in Europe

A review of presentday mixed farming systems in the EU including spatial distribution of the different land use combinations physiogeographic characterisation of areas where these systems are practiced description of how these areas will be affected by climate change emphasising the risks for farm management in the different regions GIS database

Report on ecosystem services and disservices from MF/AF systems for climate-smart agriculture

Indicators that determine the resilience of MFAF farming systems to climate change are described and their relationship with resilience is explained This will be the input to WP3 and WP5 where resilience will be measured in fields and value chains

Report on indicators of resilience of farming systems to climate change

This report includes prioritisation of ESED within AGROMIXs MFAF systems

Characteristics of successful VCN

This report will summarise the results from the VCN work and will include EIPstyle factsheets for actors planning to establish new VCN for MFAF systems and sharing successes and bottlenecks The factsheets will be aiming for practical farmers and valuechain actors

Methological approaches to access climate resilience

At least 4 fact sheets that illustrate methodologies to access resilience applied to the MFAF systems

Handbook of resilience and working definitions

The topic of resilience to climate change explored in the light of current knowledge illustrated with examples and figures working definitions of terms relevant for this project provided

Inventory report of current MF/AF policy mix inventory

Inventory of current policy contexts instruments and operational means for the support of MF and AF systems and the assessment and evaluation of ecosystem services from MF and AF systems Public Report and Spreadsheets

Climate resilience concept farming

At least 4 fact sheets that piratically illustrate the concept of climate resilience applied to MFAF systems

Visual identity for the project, project website and communication tools

Visual identity for the project project external website and communication tools established

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Farm-level indicators for resilience to climate change stressors

Author(s): Saskia Houben
Published in: Circular@WUR conference, 13/04/2022, 2022
Publisher: Wageningen University & Research

AGROMIX – Introducing Policy Co-Development for Agroforestry and Mixed Farming

Author(s): Ulrich Schmutz1, Sara Burbi1 and Paola Migliorini2
Published in: EURAF 2020/21 - Agroforestry for the transition towards Nuoro sustainability and bioeconomy, 2021, Page(s) 1
Publisher: EURAF2020 5th European Agroforestry Conference