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Tools for the Design and modelling of new markets and negotiation mechanisms for a ~100% Renewable European Power Systems


D3.2 - Characterization of new flexible players

Report with detailed technical and economic characterization of the behaviour and capabilities of actors in the electricity market, to be used to parametrize the simulation models in WP4. [M17 upd. at M36]

D3.3 - Design of ancillary service markets and products

Report with proposed design of ancillary service markets and products that match the needs of a high-RES power system.

D3.4 - Market design choices for efficient sector integration

Report with a proposed design of prices for energy, flexibility and CO2 emissions that allow for efficient sector coupling

D7.4 - Dissemination Activity Report

This document reports the dissemination activities of all project partners. [M13 upd. at M25, M37 and M48]

D3.5 - Market design for a reliable ~100% renewable electricity system

Report with a set of rules and regulations that fully describe a (near) completely decarbonized power market. These rules will be modelled in WP4 and WP5; the interim results of WP5 will be used to update the design in this deliverable. [M12 upd. At M36 and M41]

D3.1 - Performance specifications for a ~ 100% RES system

Report with the technical and economic specifications for a new market design, based on the simulations in WP2.

D4.3.2 - Principles and usage of a multi-simulation electricity market tool

The design principles and features of the newly developed multi-model simulation tool will be covered in this report. The report will be updated biannually to cover recent developments. [M11 upd. At M41 ]

D7.1 - Project website

Public website, which will include a list of TradeRES contractual publications (of public access), events, news, etc.

D7.3 - TradeRES Data Management Plan DMP Report

"This document reports the data management plan of the project, including the informed consent procedures as required by the ESR. ""In case personal data are transferred from the EU to a non-EU country or international organisation, the consortium confirms that such transfers are in accordance with Chapter V of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, must be submitted with the Data Management Plan"""

D2.1-A database of TradeRES scenarios

This report includes common data on forecasted technological progress, policy scenarios, sector coupling and other related parameters and costs. The database will be modified as needed during the project, but the first edition will be due in month 9. [M9 upd. at M32]

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