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PLATform for Operation of distribution NEtworks


Report on the analysis of the regulatory and legislative framework

The analysis will outline the national and European legislative and regulatory framework that concerns the three demonstrations. Moreover, gaps and obstacles in the regulation and legislation will be identified.

D1.1 General Functional Requirements and specifications of joint activities in the Demonstrators

This document will compile the architectures of the various DEMOs and their use cases in order to describe and classify the use cases by: scope, solutions adopted, level of description, topology of the solution, standardized actors/system involved. DSO operation specifications will also be defined for each project areas. These inputs will foster scalability and replicability, in interaction with WPs 6 and 7.

Solution Design and Technical Specifications

Describes the technical design of the field test site including specifications of hardware, software, SLD and IT-components

Report on solutions and recommendations for the roll-out of the designed solutions

The recommendations and solutions will be in the form of policy and new/complementary regulatory frameworks. The overarching goal is that the practical realization of the solutions proposed in PlatONE, will be rolled-out, viable to be implemented in different context, and scalable.

Communication and Dissemination Plan (first draft)

The purpose of this deliverable is to summarize and structure all communication and dissemination activities according to the development stage of the project It is a living document and will integrate the lessons learned of the communication activities. It will also take into account all changes and improvements of the PlatOne project and adapt the communication and dissemination strategy accordingly. It will be updated annually.

Report on the analysis of most relevant standards

This report will be a product of the investigation conducted in task 6.1. It will analyze the standardization ecosystem and will provide the input of D6.2

Detailed Use Case Descriptions

Gives a detailed overview over the use cases to be tested and demonstrated, including motivation, KPI and expected result and impact on future operations.

Report on standard guidelines for each demonstration

This report will identify the standards that are to be employed in PlatONE. There will be guidelines for each demonstration as how to integrate those standards.

Report on the definitions of KPIs and UCs

A thorough report on the KPIs that will be used for measuring the success of the methodology implemented in the demo. In addition, a description of the Use Cases that will be developed to cover a wide range of scenarios related to providing ancillary and network related services

PlatOne Platform requirements and reference architecture (v1)

The report of all the functional and non-functional requirements and the reference architecture that will be the base for the implementation of PlatOne Platform.

Periodic report on lessons-learned (v1)

A periodic report will be conducted of the positive and negative developments with regard to the implementation of standard guidelines. The input for these reports will be coming from the three demonstrations and the success of the guidelines will be evaluated depending on both technical and nontechnical goals set for each demonstration.

Data Management Plan (initial release)

The Data Management Plan will detail how these data will be processed and shared to support Open Research during the project’s development and after the project’s conclusion.

Website with interactive community platform

This deliverable will describe the structure and the functionalities of the website including the interactive community platform. It will further detail the digital implementation strategy with the project website as key element.

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