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Pro-sumer AwaRe, Transactive Markets for Valorization of Distributed flexibilITY enabled by Smart Energy Contracts


Ethics Manual

A manual for the ethics related guidelines to be followed within the duration of the project

PARITY Business use cases & Requirements

A report presenting the main user requirements, expectations and preferred business scenarios per user group addressed by PARITY project. Associated Task: T3.1

Dissemination and Communication Plan & Activities v1

Report on dissemination and communiucation strategy along with performed activities. Will be updated every six months until final version on M42. Associated Tasks: T9.2 & T9.3

Integration of Local Flexibility Market into the existing Electricity Trading Frameworks

A report describing the integration of the newly proposed LFM into the existing electricity markets and the coordination mechanisms needed to sustain such interaction. Associated Task: T4.3.

Barriers that hinder LFM proliferation

A report presenting the obstacles regarding LFM integration into existing electricity market schemes, considering information from various sources (regulatory, technical etc.). Associated Task: T4.1.

Dissemination and Communication Plan & Activities v2

Report on project's performed activities until M12. Associated Tasks: T9.2 & T9.3

LFM Actors Business Models

The business models for each actor participating into the LFM exchange scheme would be presented in this report. Associated Task: T4.4

Living Lab setup activities

A report on T9.1 activities concerning the PARITY Living Lab setup and planning.

PARITY Framework Performance Measurement & Verification Methodology

This deliverable will report the methodology (PMV) and extensions used to later-on guide the demonstration and validation activities in WP8. Assoicated Task: T3.3.

Report on specifications to ensure privacy and security

This deliverable will report the PARITY framework privacy and security specifications, so to reduce relevant risks by the PARITY architecture. Associated Task: T3.4.

Exploitation and business innovation plan v1

Report on business innovation plan and appropriate measures and methodologies’ definitions for managing exploitation activities

Next-generation Energy contracts

A report presenting the PARITY designed energy contractual agreements (SLAs) along with their restrictions and mandates, considering the LFM reimbursement schemes. Associated Task: T4.2.

Data Management Plan

Detailed report for the open research data of the project. Two revisions are anticipated by M18 and M30 of this report. Associated Task: T2.1.

Dissemination and communication package

Report on dissemination material of the project (website, leaflets, poster, etc). Associated Task: T 9.3.

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