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Next Generation Modelling and Forecasting of Variable Renewable Generation for Large-scale Integration in Energy Systems and Markets


Project leaflet, corporate design and templates

This Deliverable includes a leaflet with information of the project for large-public diffusion, templates for the various documents (deliverables etc) of the project and corporate design guidelines.

Use cases, requirements and KPI for RES forecasting

This Deliverable presents the results of Task 1.1 where the requirements for RES forecasts for different applications and end-users are analysed. Several well-established, as well as innovative use-cases, are assessed with respect to the way RES forecasts are considered. The expected performance by end-users and corresponding metrics are also surveyed whereas KPIs for the project are defined.

Existing and new forecasting products: taxonomy and standardization

This Deliverable presents the results of Task 1.2 where new forecasting products are identified for WP2 and WP3 for different applications. Given the variety of applications where RES forecasts are used, this Deliverable aims to present results towards standardisation of the forecasting products so that the developed models are as replicable as possible in different contexts.

Communication and Dissemination Master Plan

This Deliverable presents the detailed Communication and Dissemination Master Plan (CDMP) developed in Task 7.1. It outlines the project’s communication and dissemination activities, detailing the composition of the target groups and defining the communication tools and distribution channels to reach them. The CDMP will be subject to two updates following the Innovation Board meetings, in order to fine tune the dissemination objectives with the content of the project results and include potential new communication tools that may appear over time.

Website of the project

This Deliverable is the operational online public website of the project ( The released version will contain information on the project are news from the first period of the project.

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