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Flexible Energy Production, Demand and Storage-based Virtual Power Plants for Electricity Markets and Resilient DSO Operation


Initial dissemination and communication plan

This deliverable outlines the project’s audiences, key messages, communication channels for the dissemination, project web site etc. This deliverable is related to Task 8.2.

Interfaces and infrastructure specification of core blockchain services

Report describing the specifications (functional and non-functional) of core blockchain services.

Improved dissemination and communication plan

This deliverable reports the dissemination activities performed during the first 18 months and highlights the key results. It also conveys recommendations for additional activities to improve dissemination and outlines an updated dissemination and communication plan. This deliverable is related to Task 8.2 and Task 8.4.

Report on innovation/co-creation activities at the trial sites

Report documenting all events and workshops which supported the development of the FEVER application and services, the promotion and the uptake of FEVER results, and the recruitment of members for the SIG. This deliverable is related to Tasks 8.1 and 8.4.

Functional and operational requirements

Report describing the functional, non-functional, interface, performance, and standards' conformance requirements of the components that comprise the cyber-physical framework (hardware and software) of the project. This deliverable is related to Task 1.2.

Definition of the pilots, the validation methodology and metrics

Report presenting the details related to the demonstration pilots of the project in terms of scenarios and use cases to be demonstrated and validated as well as the KPIs for qualitative and quantitative assessment. This deliverable is related to Task 7.1.

Flexibility-related European electricity markets: Modus operandi, proposed adaptations and extensions and metrics definition

Report describing an extended overview of existing market approaches for incorporating flexible resources and proposing new market models and adaptations on existing electricity markets for a more efficient operation under high penetration of flexible resources. This deliverable is related to Task 4.1.

Flexibility at the distribution grid: Reference usage scenarios for market and system operation services

Report describing existing solutions and examples regarding flexibility at the distribution grid (across literature and energy market press), as well as appropriatly documenting the use cases in accordance to IEC 62559. This deliverable relates to Task 1.1.

First set of marketing materials

Project web site, project marketing materials, project presentation

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Web of Things Interoperability for the Arrowhead Framework

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HeatFlex - Machine learning based data-driven flexibility prediction for individual heat pumps

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Assessment of Demand Side Flexibility in European Electricity Markets: A Country Level Review

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Parallel and distributed computing for stochastic dual dynamic programming

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Virtual storage plants in parking lots of electric vehicles providing local/global power system support

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