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ELectric Innovative Commuter Aircraft


Hybrid-electric propulsion architecture report

Distributed propulsion systems require to operate each propulsor individually, so that the propulsion power flow and split vary throughout the mission. This power variability and possible failure cases are the key drivers for synthesizing suitable architectures. In this task, hybrid-electric architectures of hybrid ships and proposed architectures for future aircraft are reviewed and assessed with respect to the aircraft requirements, operational characteristics and failure cases.

Dissemination, comunication and exploiation Plan

The dissemination and exploitation of achieved results. UNINA will cooperate in administrative items and will coordinate dissemination and exploitation activities.

Economic feasibility study for a 19 PAX hybrid-electric commuter aircraft

The successful introduction of a new aircraft into the transportation market is highly dependent on the economic feasibility which includes the forecasted market volume, the profitable routes, and the specific cost of transport. In a first step, the transportation demand based on socio-economic factors and available transportation options will be analysed. In a second step, the competitive range of the operating costs for the identified demand will be analysed in comparison to the other existing transportation options. The analysis will be verified with the views of the airframers from the Industrial Advisory Board.

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