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New Technology for Efficient Electrochemical Production of Synthetic Natural Gas

Project description

Converting surplus energy from renewables into storable synthetic natural gas

Widespread distribution of renewable energy systems such as wind and solar power is hindered because there is currently no efficient means of storing excess electric energy. One solution is to use surplus energy to produce synthetic natural gas (SNG) that can easily be stored, transported and converted back into electricity. At the same time, this reduces the need to import natural gas. The EU-funded ElectroGas project aims to finalise technical studies and optimise its prototype for a new electrolysis-based technology that efficiently converts electricity from wind and solar power into storable SNG. Ultimately, it will allow for increased penetration of renewable energy systems and domestic production of SNG.


Electric grid storage continues to pose a major technical and economic pain. While the last decade has seen disruptive improvements in battery technology, even with current leading-edge solutions, large-scale applications of batteries are not economically feasible in many scenarios.
This incapacity to consume large amounts of excess electricity has been one of the biggest obstacles to high penetration of renewable energy systems, such as wind power.
Our CEO, José Campos Rodrigues, Electrical and Nuclear Engineer, has invented, patented and demonstrated a new technology for efficient electrochemical production of synthetic natural gas (SNG). This is considered a great energy storage due to rising prices for natural gas and the dependency from imports, and as energy carrier offers the advantages to be easily stored, transported and back-converted into energy.
The European Patented Electrogas is a system that can be scaled from 1kW up to 1MW of power and will generate SNG using available non-dispatchable electricity.
Conventional techniques to produce SNG require high temperatures and pressures. The capacity of Electrogas to produce synthetic gas at low temperature and pressure is revolutionary for its technical and economic feasibility.
Our consolidated market segments will exceed 5 billion € in 2020 (2 digits annual growth rate), including Synthetic Fuels, the Electricity storage market, grid management systems, Islands and other isolated systems and micro-grids.
Our current team of 4 members, including our Head of Sales, José Galvão Lucas, with 30 years’ experience in the liquid fuels market in Portugal and Spain, raised 500.000€ for the proof-of-concept of Electrogas (currently on our 3rd prototype, with 1kW, at TRL 6), of which 350.000€ were a research grant from the Portuguese government.
Electrogas solves two of Europe’s problems: it enables higher penetration of renewable energy and locally produces SNG, increasing energy security and reducing imports.

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