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The fastest, easiest and cheapest way to achieve 90 days of credit based on your invoice

Project description

New web solution for invoice financing for SMEs

Small and medium companies (SMEs) are crucial for healthy and stable economies and contribute the most to economic growth and employment. However, SMEs continue to have limited access to credit and often face lack of liquidity issues. The EU-funded CreditStretcher project is developing an innovative financial solution to ensure unique fully automated financing. Their solution offers instant invoice payment for subcontractors and up to 90 days of credit stretching for contractors. Also including insurance to cover risk and automation, the cost of the entire transaction is reduced and the entire online process becomes simple. Its speed and clarity is expected to revolutionise the invoice financing market.


Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the economic backbone of virtually every economy and the main contributor to employment and growth
creation in the world. In Europe, they represented over 99,8% of the non-financial business sector, accounting for 67% of total employment and
generating 57% of value added. Despite their importance, it is estimated that more than half of SMEs don’t have access to credit. As a result,
businesses around the world face the problem of financing the credit gap existing between companies doing business together and struggle to
achieve the necessary financing for growing their companies.
In IOU.Exchange we aim to create innovative financial solutions that help other companies achieve the financing they need and realize their full
potential, and hereby create more value in the world. CreditStretcher is our unique fully automatic financing solution, that allows instant invoice
payment and up to 90 days of credit stretching based on invoices. Our credit rating is based on the invoice receiver (usually larger and more
creditworthy), favoring SMEs (smaller, less creditworthy). By adding insurance to cover risk and automation to lower transaction costs, SMEs can
now get credit with a simple online process.
Our solution disrupts the invoice financing market providing the easiest, cheapest and fastest solution for SMEs financing. Moreover, it has the
potential to create massive value in Europe, boosting production, value and job creation by helping SMEs grow. In five years from project
completion, we expect to enable more than 127.000 credit stretches, that for us will represent a cumulative profit of €62,4M, achieving a highly
lucrative ROI of €30 per euro invested in this project, and allowing us to grow by hiring 25 new employees.

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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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