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Constraints and Extended Support for Storage and Access


The main objective of this proposal is to study the storage of constraints in databases, the use of constraint handling techniques in database query and update, and the incorporation of constraints in object data modelling and database specification. The recent success of the constraint-based programming paradigm is based on the direct contribution of constraints to program specification, implementation and maintenance. Constraints are the normal language of discourse for many high-level applications; built-in constraint solvers and active constraints contribute to efficient implementation; and the clarity and brevity of constraint programs simplify program maintenance.


The formal properties of constraints in databases and database queries will be studied; their role in query optimisation; the consequences of stored constraints on database indexing; constraints on stored objects; and the relationship between active constraints and integrity constraints. On the practical side, the focus is on supporting the decision making process by the application of constraint handling techniques to large scale geographical data bases. The techniques will also be applied to commercially motivated problems of scheduling and tutoring. It is planned to use the working group to build a long-lasting European Interest Group which will drive and exploit continuing research and development in the field of Constraint Databases. Through regular workshops, it is hoped to attract representatives of European industry and the public sector, as well as the academic community.


We seek to lay the foundations for a technology with considerable market potential. Within Europe there is a firmly established need for systems supporting complex information and decision making. We identify in particular: the aerospace industry; earth observation; air and ground transportation control; telecommunications network planing and signal routing; town and environmental planning; and production, maintenance and servicing in manufacturing.


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