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High-performance Independent Platform for low-cost big data ProJects

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - HIPPJ (High-performance Independent Platform for low-cost big data ProJects)

Reporting period: 2019-06-01 to 2019-11-30

The goal of the Hippj project is to design the business plan of CherryTable, a next-generation database that has been designed for efficiency, scalability and sustainability. CherryTable addresses the technical and economic scalability issues caused by the end of Moore’s law. Cloud providers represent a solution for technical scalability issues through parallel processing and access to potentially infinite computing capacity. However, they are not concerned with making software efficient and sustainable. CherryTable represents a first step in the direction of achieving technical and economic scalability simultaneously and, thus, enabling use cases that otherwise would not be economically feasible for both small and large corporations. CherryTable has outstanding time efficiency, impressive scalability, and a small footprint, enabling innovative edge-computing architectures as well as more traditional big data applications.
Providing access to affordable basic technologies can have a strong impact on the competitiveness of European companies. It can enable innovation, unlock IT budget for value-added developments, help technology independence, favour economic growth and ultimately increase employment.
The following activities have been performed with the Hippj project:
• A thorough market analysis, including the a comparative analysis of competing products, their technology portfolio and market position.
• The technical benchmarking of the main competitors, involving installation, functional analysis and stress test with the YCSB benchmark.
• The identification, analysis and evaluation of alternative strategies for CherryTable.
• The definition of the strategic, technical, marketing and financial plan.
• The documentation of the business plan.
From the market analysis and technical benchmarking performed as part of the Hippj project, we have understood that CherryTable has unique features that are unmatched by competitors. CherryTable outperforms all competing products for time efficiency, throughput and sustainability. The potential savings are significant and represent an enabling factor for a number of use cases. CherryTable represents a high-performance database, with no special hardware requirements, 100% technology independent and general-purpose. In our consulting experience, we have found that companies can be discouraged by the cost of new technologies and tend to opt for simpler, less expensive solutions even if this means giving up part of the business benefits from innovation. In this respect, CherryTable can unlock benefits in variety on contexts, including big data, IoT, edge computing and advanced analytics.
CherryTable is also a sustainable technology, designed according to green software principles. Software is the driver of computing capacity requirements and, in turn, computing capacity is the main driver of the energy consumption of data centers. For each Watt spent to power a CPU, 25 Watts are spent to power the data center hosting that CPU. This suggests that a small reduction of CPU usage obtained by running greener (faster) software can provide significant energy savings. With other technologies, increasing speed and reducing energy consumption are contrasting objectives, but a good software can achieve both simultaneously.
Cherry Table