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HIBOO, the data platform to visualize and predict the industrial world


Asset tracking and management is critical for companies with large fleets of units or equipment, especially in construction, industrial rental, logistics and transport sectors. By not adequately and accurately tracking usage of their equipment, companies today cannot optimise their productivity & eventually incur unaccounted losses in thefts or asset depreciation. Growing at a CAGR of 12.9%, the global asset tracking & inventory management solutions market is expected to reach €26.5 Billion by 2026, confirming the needs of an innovative way to automatically gather, organise, and process location, usage, availability and other key operational criteria of resources or equipment for useful deductions and accurate decisions to be made.
Expert in Internet of Things (IoT) and SaaS platform, our company HIBOO is offering its eponymous HIBOO, an integrated, all-in-one IoT solution for supervision of mobile or fixed industrial assets. Using self-powered multi-sensor modules attached to the assets, the data is automatically collected in real-time, transmitted with 100% delivery rate, and presented on a dedicated interface to provide more visibility and perspectives such as level of usage, temperature and condition of operation. Using big-data and analytics, our innovation provides a bird’s eye view for clients to make high impact business decisions backed by solid evidence of data collected. Our technology improves efficiency through monitoring and preventing asset abuse (thefts, prolonged idling of engines, unauthorised usage, etc.). This favours cost reduction, optimisation of competitiveness through a 30% increase in efficiency, 80% reduction in data gathering and a more robust customer billing process based on actual asset usage. After 5 years of exploitation, we estimate to reach over €28.7M in sales and €9.8M in profits at an impressive return on investment of 4.37 creating a total of 35 jobs in the process.

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