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The future of aviation is electric

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - aEro (The future of aviation is electric)

Période du rapport: 2019-07-01 au 2019-10-31

Marketstudy and feasability of aEro 2, a tiltwing hybrid electric aircraft. Dufour Aerospace developped the first electric aerobatic aircraft - the aEro 1 and flew it successfully. Based on this success we are building now a VTOL (vertical take off and landing aircraft). This aircraft will reduce environmental impact (noise and pollution by factor 4) and will connect regions by factor 7 compared to todays ground transportation.
Dufour Aerospace performed market studies and as well the feasability calculation of the aircraft together with major universities in Switzerland. The market sizes will be significant as these aircrafts will be 2 times as fast as an helicopter and 4 times cheaper - polluting the environment not more than a today's ICE car and in future like an EV car. The feasability study shows that we are able to build a 5 seater aircraft at todays technology. We do not have to wait until batteries and motors are ready to make regional air mobility a reality.
Dufour Aerospace could get significant investment money on board as well because of these studies and is now scaling up company to build these electric planes. The UAV version of the aircraft is almost ready to start flying and gaining more interesting data.
Perspective aEro 3