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Creating value by bridging the Intergenerational Gap

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - ADOPT GRANDPARENTS (Creating value by bridging the Intergenerational Gap)

Reporting period: 2019-06-01 to 2019-11-30

The main problem we address is the lack of socialization, isolation and loneliness suffered by the elderly, which leads to an acceleration in the process of cognitive impairment, loss of self-esteem and propensity to depression. The following reasons have been identified by which the problem is derived:
- Lack of family.
- Reduced mobility or great dependence.
- Geographical mobility
- Family issues.

The loss of family ties and friendship, together with reduced mobility makes older people especially vulnerable, becoming a collective in social exclusion. Every collective in the world should be inclusived in the society.
On the other hand, the figure of the elderly is fundamental for society and that is why this is a healthy and natural way to connect generations while paying tribute to the figure of the elderly.
During the last 6 months we have developed:
- Develop and improve the Process to catch young people (+10,000 apply)
- Develop and address new models to connect generations (+2.500 meeting and +5,000 companionship hours).
- Scale the team to address the high demand of care home centers and municipalities that want to participate (40 to 150)
AoptGrandParents has confirmed the Unique Selling Points of the innovation idea. The next steps are to improve the technological modules to ensure the solutions is unique covering the emotional needs of elderly through social integration. We have confirmed our solution is the most convenient method for increasing companionship and improving elderly's quality of life. we use technologies and manual procedures to democratize access to wisdoms and companionship.
Adopta Un Abuelo Team at HQ in Madrid