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GAIA-Health: microbiome suite for personalized medicine

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - GAIA-Health (GAIA-Health: microbiome suite for personalized medicine)

Reporting period: 2019-06-01 to 2019-11-30

Healthcare providers and life sciences companies are increasingly required to satisfy stakeholders’ increased expectation of personalized health outcomes. Higher degrees of personalization also generate efficiencies and increase effectiveness of diagnostics and treatments, aspects welcomed by all healthcare systems globally.
Microbiome analysis has a key role in target therapeutics and healthcare: microbiome-driven dynamics are in fact involved in a variety of processes such as chronic diseases, pregnancy, infection, immune system, metabolism, also influencing the different response of individuals to therapies and food.
Microbiome analysis requires a combination of advanced computational methods from bioinformatics, data mining, and machine learning and IT computational power, a set of skills not common to all microbiome-data users. The demand has in fact revolutionized much faster than current bioinformatics technologies.
MICK (previously GAIA-Health) is a microbiome data analysis solution that combines and interprets data in a completely new way, to maximize user experience and reveal business opportunities based on needs that were previously unrecognized. Thanks to a pain-free use of microbiome data, MICK makes users maximize the competitive advantage for their products and services, by making precision medicine accessible as never before.
The award of the SME Phase 1 has been pivotal to help us conduct technical and market feasibility of our product- by means of pilot testing with interested private and public stakeholders- as well as to develop a multi-channel global marketing strategy to leverage on MICK high scalability potential .

As a result of the high interest received worldwide for our product and a positive assessment of its technical feasibility , we believe that the development of MICK is now a main strategic objective, aimed not only at ensuring a scalable company growth, but also making us a key player in delivering affordable and precision health outcomes, advancing lifelong health goals for all.
The award of the SME Phase 1 has been pivotal to help us conduct MICK (previously GAIA-Health)
technical feasibility, by means of pilot testing with private and public stakeholders.
As a result, we have been able to assess our platform overall quality (bugs identification, precision
and sensitivity of results and discovery ration compared to existing bioinformatics technologies) ;
testing real world compatibility and performance ;as well as testing our platform ability to meet
users’ needs and expectations .
Pilot testing was also aimed at generating MICK launch awareness; monitoring users’ integration of
MICK data into their internal value-chain and product offering; as well as acquiring early adopters
(future customers and product testimonials); and understanding how to efficiently scale up the MICK
outputs to different market segments.
Relevant progress has also been achieved in terms of business development strategy - mainly
assessing key touch points, suppliers and partners needed in the different countries.

Global multi-channel Marketing and commercial strategy has also been further developed:
from fine-tuning of value proposition to the identification of potential clients for the different
segments and associated business model; to the set up of a systematic technology watch
SME Phase 1 funding has also enabled us to perform extensive dissemination and communication
activities: from attendance to key European microbiome congresses, to the participation to a joint
scientific publication (to be submitted on December 2019), to the set-up of pilot studies with key
european microbiome associations and Spanish hospitals ; to the participation of national and
international (Silicon Valley) business development and commercialization programs
MICK (previously GAIA-Health) is the first multi-purpose decision making support system
which translated microbiome data from bench to people, by offering cost-effective, accurate,
easy-to-perform, microbiome analysis. MICK stands alone from existing platforms for its data-
integration, curation and reporting system.
As a result of the high interest received worldwide for our beta product and a positive assessment of
its technical feasibility , we will move on to the next implementation phase of our platform , moving it
to TRL8 and TRL9.
The mission is becoming us a key player in delivering cutting-edge and affordable precision health
outcomes, with the vision to advancing lifelong health goals for all.