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Unlocking the potential of EU cultivated quinoa through the production of protein-rich quinoa flour and functional quinoa starch

Description du projet

Une technologie innovante pour exploiter commercialement la protéine de quinoa

La production de quinoa, une excellente source de protéines et d’acides aminés, s’est considérablement développée en Europe ces dix dernières années. Toutefois, il n’existe aucune exploitation commerciale de la protéine de quinoa et de ses co-ingrédients. Cette situation s’explique par l’absence de technologie de fractionnement révolutionnaire adaptée à la nature particulière des graines de quinoa. Le projet QUINNOVA, financé par l’UE, utilisera une technologie innovante de fractionnement à sec pour exploiter le plein potentiel du quinoa. Ce processus écologique utilise moins d’énergie et d’eau que les technologies alternatives. Le projet entend transférer la technologie au niveau industriel, afin de répondre à la demande européenne en protéines végétales de haute qualité.


The European Union is seeking solutions for reducing its dependency on protein imports, while consumers shift from animal to plant-based proteins. As an example, the global plant protein ingredients market is expected to reach more than €11bn by 2025. Currently 98% of the protein in this market comes from soy and wheat. Soy is mainly imported from non-EU countries (where GMO crops are authorised) and its intensive cultivation causes severe environmental issues e.g. deforestation and land-use changes. On the other hand, wheat protein needs to find a gluten-free replacer. Thus, EU food manufacturers are searching for alternative plant-based sources for their protein-fortified food products, which leads to an urgent need to scale-up the production of plant-based protein from alternative sources.
Quinoa is recognised as an excellent crop with an outstanding protein quality and an amino acid score of 100% for adults. Its production in the EU has significantly grown in the last decade. However, commercial exploitation of quinoa-protein and its co-ingredients is not carried out because of the lack of breakthrough fractionation technology adapted to the special nature of quinoa seeds.
We are GreenFood50, a Dutch company devoted to the production and commercialisation of quinoa-derived ingredients. We have developed QUINNOVA, an innovative dry fractionation technology that allows to unlock the full potential of quinoa. QUINNOVA food ingredients are in line with consumer demands and their functional properties are ideal for being used in tasty bakery, health, sports, vegetarian/vegan and gluten free applications. The process is environmentally friendly, with a reduced energy and water demand compared to alternative technologies.
Our goal is to scale-up QUINNOVA to industrial level, contributing to cover the EU demand for high-quality plant-based protein. This will represent a quantum leap for GreenFood50, which will make food systems healthier and more sustainable.

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