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Pre-clinical evaluation and feasibility study for Artificial Inteligence-based Strain Typing and Bacterial Resistance analysis software

Project description

AI solution to help prevent infections acquired in hospitals

Every year, about 4.1 million Europeans pick up infections during their hospital stay. These hospital-acquired infections are caused by specific bacterial subspecies, whose identification is significantly hampered by time and cost factors. To address this issue, Spanish company CLOVER Bioanalytical Software used AI to develop algorithms and further improve an effective technology called matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS). The EU-funded ArtIST project will find, develop and commercialise solutions to quickly and economically identify bacteria’s resistance processes in clinically relevant subspecies. Moreover, it will carry out a feasibility study in preparation for clinical validation and for entering the market.


Specific bacterial subspecies, often resistant to traditional antibiotics, are the cause of severe problems like Hospital-Acquired Infections and sepsis. Reducing both time and costs for identification of these subspecies, thus diagnosing more efficiently infectious diseases, is crucial for our health systems. Current solutions in the field are based on expensive and time-consuming methods, and the fast, cost-efficient existing technologies, like MALDI-TOF MS, are restricted to the identification of main bacterial species, but are unable to go down to the subspecies level. Clover Biosoft is leveraging the power of modern AI techniques to develop algorithms using MALDI-TOF MS data to successfully classify bacterial subspecies.
Ours is a collaborative project assisted by several first-level public hospitals and cutting-edge scientists from various European universities. Time-to-market is essential, and the market is ripe for our solution. MALDI-TOF MS instruments have become a standard in microbiology laboratories worldwide, allowing a very easy integration with our software. Moreover, the increasing number of patients affected by HAIs and the growing resistance to antibiotics, have raised the public concern, becoming a priority now for public and private health system managers and governments.
Clover Biosoft is the ideal player to take this solution to the market, because of our long experience in the field and our extensive network, including all relevant type of stakeholders, from hospitals to big vendor companies and from researchers to government officials. Our team has the perfect combination of technical prowess, scientific background and business acumen. Our company has obtained solid revenues from its inception. Combining public and private investment, we are confident to take this project to market and become a reference for clinical diagnosis software development, bringing wealth and work to our region.

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