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The Digital Marketplace to empower SMEs for the digital transformation


Digital Transformation is the complete transition of the business activities of a company to the digital realm. Thus, during 2017, over 80% of enterprises spent an average of 44% of their IT budget in their digital transformation. However, 84% of companies fail at this challenge since the current approach to digital application development is expensive, complex, time-consuming and fragile. On top of that, SMEs also face budget constraints, legacy system issues, and limited availability of skilled employees. But UGROUND, due to the use of semantic engineering, has created a high productivity platform- patented in the USA- that provides total flexibility and enables SMEs to innovate very quickly and at a low cost. UDIGITAL is its cloud environment, where integrators will have access to our semantic engine (which interprets and proccess human knowledge), and to several different business model framework for each target market, addressing the specific needs of SMEs in those niches. Key straightforward benefits of our solution are: increase company competitiveness, including a 400% reduction of the development costs % (operation and programming times) and up to a 60% of the development effort (man hours and programming skills). As a result, the digital transformation investment ROI is less than one year. As it has been proved in our current clients our technology is able to increase over 99.5% the operational efficiency, and reduce up to 350,000 man hours.
UDIGITAL is focused in supporting SMEs, which have an actual problem at digital transformation due to lack of internal expertise or limited resources to buy expensive platforms. Through this project, we aimto reach over 4000 clients, targeting sectors such as legal and consultancy services, manufacturing, human resources and construction (our primary markets) in 3 years, generating revenues of €300M by 2022.

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SME-1 - SME instrument phase 1


Calle Guzman El Bueno 133 8 Iz Edif Britannia
28003 Madrid
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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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€ 50 000