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Samurai - Platform detecting and preventing cyber violence

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SamurAI (Samurai - Platform detecting and preventing cyber violence)

Reporting period: 2019-05-01 to 2019-08-31

Cyber violence is an increasingly growing concern among children and adolescents. Number of children admitted to hospitals for attempted suicide or expressing suicidal thoughts doubled between 2008 and 2015 - much of the rise is linked to an increase in cyberbullying. Problem concerns also adults - EU estimates that 1 in 10 women have experienced some form of cyber violence.
Fido has developed a game-changing Samurai system, AI solution dedicated to real-time, automated prevention of online violence in text communication, based on a novel patent.
The recent studies show that that our technology detects the most violence and raises false alarms four times less often than the current solutions. Our technology was recognised as one of the 100 most promising artificial intelligence solutions in the world (Top 100 AI CBInsights 2017)
Samurai system makes it possible to block complicated types of violent text messages (even using misspellings, abbreviations, etc.) before they reach the recipient, like an antivirus program.
During the project Fido focused primarily on exploring market opportunities. As presented in this feasibility study, we have thoroughly examined the types of cyberviolence and other undesired phenomena occurring in each of the chosen market, which are:
- Public Safety,
- Education
- Dating
and identified the options for preventing it.

All in all, our approach has not changed significantly as a result of the analysis. However, as a result of the work carried out, we have strengthened ourselves that our previous approach was right.
The next stages of development of Fido product will be aimed at various cybersecurity-related implementations such as detecting real-life threats (self-harm, suicide, killing, death and such) as well as detecting any form of terrorist agitation, ideology, internal terrorism, crime prevention and hate speech.
Samurai has the potential to address major societal challenges, especially those connected to health and security. 

1. Reducing mass shootings occurring yearly by 25%
2. Decreasing the rate of growth in hate crime
3. Help in preventing authoritarian regimes to come to power
4. Preventing teens suicides
5. Contributing to equal opportunities in online discussions' participation
6. Improving privacy while providing safety and security
7. Helping to decrease the global moderation cost - financial and in moderators health
Main market specialization for further development of Samurai