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Industrial GHz repetition rate, burst mode, ultrashort pulsed fiber laser for high speed volume-ablation micromachining applications

Project description

Striking while the 'iron' is still hot spurs micromachining to a new level

Lasers have revolutionised industries from electronics and communications to biomedicine and machining. In the latter categories, laser ablation has been widely used to remove minute portions of materials, living or non, with a focused pulsed laser beam. The use of ultrafast (femtosecond) laser pulses enables precise removal of materials with no thermal damage to them. However, industrial applications have been limited by the relatively low speed of processing. The Turkish SME Lumos Laser has developed a simplified laser technology with exponentially faster processing speed. This relies on extremely high repetition rates such that residual heat from the previous pulse has not completely cooled before the next pulse is applied. EU funding of the GHZ-BURST project will enable the team to test the technology in realistic scenarios via demos in the plants of potential customers.


USP lasers (ultrashort pulsed lasers) - a specific type of laser- enable high precision processing without any heat effect on the material. Their usage in many industrial and scientific markets is increasing rapidly resulting a market growth stands at between 20 and 25 percent per year. USP lasers have the potential to dominate the market with their sophisticated and extraordinary abilities. Despite the pristine quality they deliver, ultrashort pulsed processes often have the reputation of being “too slow” and therefore are not suitable for industrial-grade applications. However, to fulfil current and future customer needs in the USP laser micromachining market, faster processing time is critical. We developed GHZ-BURST that removes the speed problems and the negative effects of current lasers on the production processes and on the products. We proudly announce that our game changer USP fiber lasers have up to 1000X higher processing speed ability while maintaining high precision within manufacturing operations in comparison to other USP lasers available in the market. Also, GHZ-BURST can be integrated into mass production easily.
Our method is based on ablation-cooling of materials during the micromachining process. We obtain 10 times more level of ablation with 200 times less pulse energy. Our innovative method was published in most prestigious academic magazine (Nature) and it is the only article that is found worthy of publishing in Nature about USP laser operating regimes in the last decade. Recently, in the exhibitions and fairs we participated in Germany and the US, the need for the functional features of GHZ-BURST were approved by above 50 integrator companies. These companies revealed their interest to buy our product and demanded demo laser when it is ready. We aim to carry the demo of GHZ-BURST to potential customers for trials and demonstrations, and to laser machine integrators to try for different applications on different sectors.

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